Work style : Alan

Working for a company that places importance
on the value of data allows for this data
to be utilized to its fullest extent
Data Engineer
Data Science Department

Details of Current Role

Our mission at the Data Science Department is to provide added value to data for the entirety of the Rakuten Group. We utilize the vast amounts of data that the company possesses to empower our customers. This requires that data scientists and data engineers work closely together, and that we have a powerful platform, which can cope with all stages of data analyses. As a data engineer, I am currently working on both creating and improving that platform. Being able to influence corporate strategies and user behavior, as well as society as a whole, is what makes this job exciting for me.

Current Environment

Rakuten is a diverse workplace where people from a wide variety of backgrounds gather. Everyone has their own unique ways of thinking depending on their culture, so we’re always considering better ways to communicate. To fully understand each other, we have undergone diversity training and improved methods to ensure that appropriate output can be provided to our audience. Rakuten provides a vast variety of solutions throughout the world, meaning that we have a lot of opportunities to contribute directly to society. I believe that this shows just how valuable this job is.

Skill Improvements

At Rakuten, we are offered a variety of opportunities to strengthen both our technical and business skills. For example, we can participate in online courses and external training, and engineers are provided with opportunities to participate in overseas conferences to learn about the latest technological trends. More than anything, Rakuten is in possession of vast amounts of data and there are endless opportunities to search for valuable information. I also have lots of opportunities to improve my skills both as an engineer and a business person, which means that I naturally feel that I want to set my sights higher.

Careers at Rakuten

I aim to create an environment where everyone within Rakuten can utilize our big data. I believe that can only be achieved thanks to Rakuten’s data-driven corporate culture. In terms of the future, I’m hoping to become a top expert in just one field. For example, I hope to become a data science architect who combines the skills of being a data scientist and data engineer. I want to become a professional who can create a data strategy and gain a full understanding of that strategy’s role in the organization, and then incorporate this into the analytics life cycle concretely.

Tell us about your career path at Rakuten
I was an application engineer before becoming a data engineer, then eventually became a data science architect.
What do you like about Rakuten’s working environment and its systems?
I like the cafeteria in Crimson House where I get a chance to meet new people, exchange information, and speak my mind, which is therefore also a place where a lot of new ideas arise.
How big is your current section, and what is the percentage of mid-career hires among them?
At the moment we have three people, but two more will be joining soon. Out of the five, four will have joined after working at other companies.
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