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FAQ for New Grads

Q. What are the qualifications for application?
A. Graduated from university or graduate school by April 2019.
We will give out an official announcement when we start our recruitment for October 2018/ April 2019 entrance.

Q. What kind of skills do you look for in an Entry position?
A. We hire applicants regardless department or major. We are looking for applicants who have a strong passion towards empowering the society and challenging the global market.

Q. How is job assignment determined?
A. All the Job Positions are your choice. After considering the applicant's preference and training performance, we decide your job category based on potential.

Q. I am an exchange student, can I apply for Rakuten Inc.?
A. Since Rakuten is currently pursuing globalization, we recruit regardless of nationality. Large numbers of exchange students and foreign university students have entered Rakuten and we actively hire from abroad.

Q. When will I be able to enter the company?
A. For students that are graduating from a foreign college, we offer the opportunity to enter Rakuten in both April and October.

Regarding the TOEIC score

Q.I don't have the TOEIC score.
A. You can apply for Rakuten without TOEIC score. Before your final round interview, you will be able to take the free IP-TOEIC test at our office.

Q.My TOEIC score is already expired.
A. You can register the expired TOEIC score. Please submit the original copy of your score sheet and fill in the latest score on your Personal Page.

Q.Does the TOEIC score will affect the result of any of the selection process?
A. Your TOEIC score will not affect to any of the selection results. However, we ask all the candidates to get 800 TOEIC score before the entrance. We also provide our original support system to achieve the target score.

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