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FAQ for Mid Career

Q. Do you hire for job positions that are not listed on the homepage?
A. Concerning open job positions, we will post them on the recruitment page. If the career you are seeking is not available, please register your own career selection and designated job. We provide a "Career Registration System" so that when an appropriate position is available we can contact you.

Q. Is there is another way to apply besides the application form?
A. Please apply only from our home page. We cannot accept attached files or application mailed to us.

Q. I have applied before in the past. Can I apply again?
A. I request that you refrain from applying to the same position more than once. However, we encourage you to apply for another position or apply again after gaining additional experience applicable to said or desired position.

Q. Are there any sort of application restrictions based on school background or gender?
A. We do not place any restrictions based on applicants' gender or school background.

Q. Is there a trial/probationary period?
A. Yes, we have three-month trial/probationary period for all new employees.

Q. Please tell me about the timing of the selection process.
A. The process generally takes around one month with three to five interviews. (In the selection process there is a Web Aptitude Test and a Questionnaire based on pre-selected reading assignment).

Q. Is there any age limitation?
A. No, there are no age limitations.

Q. Is there an application deadline?
A. No, there is no set deadline. We recruit based on listed job positions.

Q. Is it possible for those without experience (or experience in a different career) to apply?
A. Yes, it is possible. However, as a general rule, prior experience is a precondition for application. However, since prior experience is not necessary for all roles, we encourage those with the appropriate skills and knowledge to apply.

Q. During what times can interviews be held?
A. We conduct interviews between 10:00-19:30 on weekdays. Besides company orientation events, we do no conduct interviews on weekends.

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