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Brand Guideline

Font Rules

When producing communication tools, using the font type which matches the logo is very important.

Universal Rule

Basically, creative items produced by Rakuten group (excluding website) are to employ the font described here.
For internal staff, font data can be downloaded after understanding and confirming the procedure and requirements from here (For Internal Staff Only).

Regional font type employment

For printings, font type unsupported by above font should be employed for each country/region. Set the font types that are considered to be effective in communication at each country and consistently use the same font types.
For Japan, Taiwan,, South Korea and Thailand, we employ the font types that are shown in the right side.
Font types are employed from common photoset font type and must be reported to Global Marketing Office (GMO).

Corporate Description

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Set the official corporate description and consistently use the same description in all communication tools.
As a Japan HQ’s alphabetical description case, we employ the description shown in the right side.

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