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Brand Guideline

Brand Rules

The main rules of Rakuten brand is composed by 6 chapters.
The brand guideline aims all the creative materials which involve Rakuten brand to manage consistent image and quality and to build up accumulative effect when people constitute image of Rakuten.
Thank you for understanding and keeping it in your mind the idea of this guideline whenever you are involved in any activity of producing the creative materials on Rakuten brand.

All the creative items produced by Rakuten group must be reviewed through Rakuten's employee to check the abidance of brand rules. Please talk to the Rakuten employee you are working with for the details.
For Japan, the Rakuten employee can find the check process from here (For Internal Staff Only) Please proceed the check as directed.

Website Rules (For Internal Staff Only)
Please follow Website Rules when creating Rakuten group website outside Japan.
*To create one inside Japan, please follow the regulations stipulated by Creative and Web Design Department seperately.
R-style Rules (For Internal Staff Only)
Please follow R-style Rules when creating document using Power Point and Excel.
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