Rakuten, Inc. has revised its definition of "spouse" on its internal policies. In addition to the definition according to Japanese law, it has broadened it so that same-sex partners*1 of employees of all genders are also eligible for company benefits. As of June 2016, we have an internal grassroots LGBT network that provides an information sharing and support structure for LGBT*2 employees and allies*3 alike. We also host lectures and study sessions to raise awareness and address issues affecting LGBT people, open to any and all interested Rakutenians.
We welcome and value diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity and strive to create a welcoming and comfortable workplace for all.

  1. Same-sex partner: refers to partners whose legally registered sex (on their family registry or identification card) is the same as the employee.
  2. LGBT: abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. This is not, however, limited to just these four groups, but is used more broadly to refer to a diverse spectrum of orientation and identity.
  3. "Allies" (sing. "ally") refers to those who openly support rights and protections for LGBT people.

Rakuten's official equal opportunity policy is as follows:

We respect the individuality and recognize the human dignity of each employee and strives to actualize equal opportunity for all employees who work at the Company. The Company bases decisions concerning employment, salary, allowances, promotion, termination, retirement, and resignation solely upon the abilities of each employee regarding work and does not discriminate based on issues such as race, gender, faith, marriage history, presence or absence of children, religious and political beliefs, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Information pamphlets for raising internal awareness.

Lunchtime LGBT info desk.

LGBT Initiatives of Each Rakuten Service

Rakuten Wedding

The wedding ceremony venue search and information site "Rakuten Wedding" has set up a special site to provide information on LGBT-friendly wedding venues.



Messaging app "Viber" has released a set of original character stickers in the colors of the rainbow, a globally recognized symbol of support for the rights of the LGBT community.


Rakuten Card

Rakuten Card extended the scope of targets to include same-sex partners in requirements for a joint use of "Family Card", which is issued to Rakuten Card members (including Rakuten Premium Card, Rakuten ANA Mileage Club Card, and Rakuten Pink Card) and their families in the same household. Families were originally limited to spouse, parents, and children over 18 years old (except high school student).


Rakuten Life Insurance

Rakuten Life Insurance
Rakuten Life Insurance now accepts same-sex partners as designated beneficiaries for life insurance products.


  • Submission of certain documents is required.

Rakuten Edy

Rakuten Edy will announce the release of an rainbow designed "Edy-Rakuten Point Card". A limited number of these specially designed cards will be sold at the Rakuten Edy official Shop on Rakuten Ichiba.


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