Network Promotion Activities

Rakuten Family Empowerment Network

Connecting employees under the common theme of “family,” the network supports employees balancing both work and family commitments. The network collaborates with HR and other departments to create an ideal work environment for employees and their families, and provides support through events, information sharing and other activities. Examples include return to work seminars, guest talks, and connecting fellow working parents.

Rakuten LGBT Network

The network organizes activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting understanding of diversity among employees. The network also collaborates with businesses in the Rakuten Group to provide specialized services for LGBT users, and provides internal support systems to create an environment where LGBT employees and their allies can work with peace of mind. Examples include establishing an information desk, participating in LGBT events and holding internal training courses.

Rakuten Mindfulness Network

The network promotes activities aimed at improving productivity, communication and the mental well-being of employees through mindfulness. The network provides an environment where employees can deepen their understanding of and practice mindfulness. Examples include regular workshops on mindfulness, internal training courses, lectures from guest speakers, and joint research into mindfulness with external organizations.

Rakuten Social Empowerment Network

The network aims to develop the spirit of philanthropy among employees, and provides staff with regular opportunities to deepen their understanding of social issues and take part in volunteer activities. Examples include workshops with external speakers and regular in-house study sessions.

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