At Rakuten, we aim to create an environment where employees of all genders can reach their full potential. We have implemented a structure and evaluation system by which all employees can further their careers in ways that suit them. Especially for women, who are more likely to have their paths affected by shifts in life stage, we offer career sessions and encourage diversity within the organization. For managers, along with the expectation that they will foster innovation, we offer training in diversity management so that they can continue improving the workplace to support each individual's strengths.

Women as a percentage of all employees

Women as a percentage of managers

Career sessions for women

We hold sessions for women employees to help them clearly visualize the careers they are aiming for and to take stock of the skills and competencies they can develop moving forward.

Diversity management training

For managers with diverse teams, we hold sessions where they can explore the importance of diversity management and learn how to support the growth of their team members.

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