Supporting families

To support the balance between careers and parenting, we have established an in-house childcare center and a nursing room (Mother's Room), made with a company that provides a baby-sitting service for sick children, and are rolling out activities like holding Open Family Days at the office.
We also have a working parents network, distribute regular e-mail updates within the company, hold a range of seminars (before taking maternity leave and before returning to work), and distribute a newsletter for employees currently on childcare leave. As a result, the rate of female employees returning to work after giving birth has improved by around 10% since 2013 with around 95% of women returning to work.

Employees taking childcare leave

Initiatives for supporting families

The new Mother's Room was launched in Rakuten Crimson House to support mothers who return to work after maternity leave. The number of employees taking maternity leave at Rakuten has been increasing each year, with about a third of these mothers returning to work within 8 months of giving birth. This is a big step for many mothers, as they are not only returning to full-time work, but they are also often still nursing their baby. The Mother's Room is designed to provide a comfortable and private space with chairs, tables, and curtains. There is also a freezer where mothers can store milk and take home at the end of the day.

Rakuten has an in-house childcare center to support the mothers and fathers among our employees.

Open Family Day 2015 was held at Rakuten Crimson House.

Regular networking lunch meetings for mothers and fathers in the company.

Family support

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