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Diversity× Solidarity = Empowerment of People and Society

Rakuten Group currently operates businesses not only in Japan but in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Oceania and is still expanding its global development.
Having employees who feel proud to work at Rakuten Group and who fully exhibit their individual diversity and ability to contribute to our partners in business enables us to make customers around the world happy.
We are constantly working to make Rakuten Group a place that employees worldwide will think of as the greatest workplace in the world.

Our mission is to empower people and societies around the world through the Internet and a diverse workforce.

A message from our Chairman and CEO

When I started out in business, some people advised me to team up with someone with business experience. But I decided to work with a partner very different from myself ? not to mention that he was still in university! I had business experience, but he had Internet expertise. From these two people with very different backgrounds sprang the beginnings of Rakuten.

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Looking at Rakuten's diversity in numerical terms

Employees from all over the world
Women in the workplace
Women in management positions

* Non-consolidated data for Rakuten, Inc.

Initiatives at Rakuten, Inc. (Japan)

As of September 2015, Rakuten established the Diversity & Inclusion Section in its Global Human Resources Department to further diversity support activities.

Rakuten is a Diversity Management Selection 100 winner.

In 2016, Rakuten achieved Gold Level in the work with Pride PRIDE Index.

1. Initiatives for employees from a diverse range of nationalities

Rakuten launched its initiative to make English the official company language in 2010, making it easier communicate smoothly, regardless of the speaker's nationality.
In addition, we work to arrange the work environment to accommodate our diverse human resources from different cultures, including offering vegetarian and Halal-compliant meals at the company cafeteria and establishing a prayer room.
We also hold cross cultural training to promote constructive understanding of cultural differences to better facilitate communication.

Having English as the official company language makes it possible to communicate smoothly regardless of nationality

Our employees' average TOEIC score is 817 points (as of December 2015)

The company cafeteria offers vegetarian, Indian, and Halal-compliant meals

2. Supporting families in the workforce

To support the balance between careers and parenting, we have established an in-house childcare center and a nursing room, made arrangements with a company that provides a baby-sitting service for sick children, and are rolling out activities like holding Open Family Days at the office.
We also have a working parents network, distribute regular e-mail updates within the company, hold a range of seminars (before taking maternity leave and before returning to work), and distribute a newsletter for employees currently on childcare leave. As a result, the rate of female employees returning to work after giving birth has improved by around 10% since 2013 with around 95% of women returning to work.

Rakuten has an in-house childcare center to support the mothers and fathers among our employees

Open Family Day 2015 was held at Rakuten Crimson House

Regular networking lunch meetings for mothers and fathers in the company

Family support

3. Employing and promoting workforce participation among people with disabilities

Rakuten Socio Business, Inc. was founded primarily to provide a working environment for people with disabilities. Rakuten Socio Business conducts a variety of tasks necessary for us as an Internet company, including data maintenance, business improvement, and website maintenance, and we aim to be a company that enables employees to live independently. At the same time, the company also contributes to many other aspects of Rakuten Group, including cultivating lettuce at a plant factory that supplies the staff cafeteria. Rakuten works to provide a workplace environment that encourages active participation from employees with disabilities and promotes the employment of people with disabilities. As of November 1, 2015 Rakuten’s disability employment rate reached 2.36%, exceeding the legally required disability employment rate.

Cultivating lettuce at a plant factory

Rakuten Socio Business conducts a variety of tasks, including data maintenance, business improvement, and website maintenance

Some employees with disabilities are also athletes, and they train at the company gym after work.

4. LGBT-related initiatives

Rakuten, Inc. has revised its definition of "spouse" on its internal policies. In addition to the definition according to Japanese law, it has broadened it so that same-sex partners[1] of employees of all genders are also eligible for company benefits. As of June 2016, we have an internal grassroots LGBT network that provides an information sharing and support structure for LGBT[2] employees and allies[3] alike. We have also hosted lectures and study sessions to raise awareness and address issues affecting LGBT people, open to any and all interested Rakutenians.
We welcome and value diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity and strive to create a welcoming and comfortable workplace for all.

[1] Same-sex partner: refers to partners whose legally registered sex (on their family registry or identification card) is the same as the employee.

[2] LGBT: abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. This is not, however, limited to just these four groups, but is used more broadly to refer to a diverse spectrum of orientation and identity.

[3] "Allies" (sing. "ally") refers to those who openly support rights and protections for LGBT people.

LGBT Initiatives of Each Rakuten Service

Rakuten Wedding
The wedding ceremony venue search and information site "Rakuten Wedding" has set up a special site to provide information on LGBT-friendly wedding venues.
URL: https://wedding.rakuten.co.jp/special/lgbt/
Messaging app "Viber" has released a set of original character stickers in the colors of the rainbow, a globally recognized symbol of support for the rights of the LGBT community.
URL: https://viber.co.jp/
Rakuten Card
Rakuten Card extended the scope of targets to include same-sex partners in requirements for a joint use of "Family Card," which is issued to Rakuten Card members (including Rakuten Premium Card, Rakuten ANA Mileage Club Card, and Rakuten Pink Card) and their families in the same household. Families were originally limited to spouse, parents, and children over 18 years old (except high school student).
URL: https://www.rakuten-card.co.jp/
Rakuten Life Insurance
Rakuten Life Insurance now accepts same-sex partners as designated beneficiaries for life insurance products.
URL: https://www.rakuten-life.co.jp/
*Submission of certain documents is required.
Rakuten Edy
Rakuten Edy will announce the release of an rainbow designed "Edy-Rakuten Point Card." A limited number of these specially designed cards will be sold at the Rakuten Edy official Shop on Rakuten Ichiba.
URL: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/edyshop/

5. Creating a space to exchange diverse ideas

We have begun holding regular events called IDEA Talks (IDEA stands for "inspiration, diversity, exchange, and acceptance). This creates a space where all employees can hear and share diverse ideas from inside and outside of the company, hopefully gaining inspiration they can apply to their lives in and out of the office.

6. Internal HP

We released the Diversity and Inclusion internal homepage on the company intranet to share our diversity ideas, Top & Executive messages, Role model interview articles, Diversity activities in each region and so on.

Diversity x Solidarity = Empowerment of People and Society

Diversity and inclusion are vital to the solidarity listed in Rakuten's brand concept.

-Solidarity: Succeed as a Team-

Members of Rakuten Group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Only when we work together can this diversity become an important source of strength. The employees of Rakuten Group form one big team. Through consistent teamwork, each member of our diverse team will realize his or her full potential and our entire organization will succeed.

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