2000 Rakuten Super Point!


We were established in 2003 and we are biggest class to deal with
second hand jewelry in Japan.
Our head office is in Tokorozawa city of Saitama prefecture. 

The secret such amazing price has come true :
Brand-new jewelry generally cost for materials,(the prices of gold and platinum fluctuate very widely!) , manufacturing, and designs before they are displayed of the shop.
After putting on sale, they further need for advertising rate,personnel expenses, rent of shop, and a profit.

But secondhand jewelry of ours can cut the cost of design by reason of purchasing precious metals which are completed as a product.
What is more, we can carry out a big reduction the cost because we do not make goods.
As a result we can realize the unbelievable price less half than new one.

With regard to our business :
There are over 50 specialty stores in eastern Japan named "Wonderprice", which specializes in purchasing used goods.
Our business is to buy precious materials such as jewelies, high quality bags and watches. And we particularly emphasize jewelry, our special artisans grind the jewelries one by one politely.
So recycling jewelries are changed splendidly like as new ones, we can give customers with confidence.

In 2006 we opened the store at Yahoo auction booth that is the biggest shopping site for used goods.
On purpose is to provide customers our goods which are low-cost, high quality secondhand. 

  Our achievement was 150,000,000 yen proceeds for a year.
Last year, in 2013, our shop was started at RAKUTEN ICHIBA, for only a half year we were successful in weekly MVP award of jewelry and accessory field.

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