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Turuya, a thrift store located in Tokyo provides finely selected luxury fashion items of famous brands at affordable prices.Lots of valuable items in a very good condition awaits you!

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N Completely new (unused) and recently manufactured (approximately within 2 years)
S Unused but displayed, aged and/or discolorated
SA Rarely used and its condition is very close to unused one. May have some minor flaws caused by display at our store.
A Gently used and in a good condition. Have some minor spots, discoloration and/or stains.
AB Have some minor spots, discoloration and/or stains.
B Have some moderate stains, discoloration and/or tear.
BC Have some stains, discoloration and/or tear.
C Look worn and have major stains, darkening and/or tear. Somehow no problem for daily use.
Q Vintages or antiques
ST Partly sticky and that part may not be appropriate for use.