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rank Salted rice-bran paste

Salted rice-bran paste (trial set) of the 漬 けもん shop

Attention) Hokkaido adds the postage of 700 yen to postage of 900 yen, Okinawa. Present I get a present (seasoning for exclusive use of the salted rice-bran paste) when I write the impression (review) of the product of the salted rice-bran paste of the 漬 けもん shop!

Throw away the salted rice-bran paste of the 漬 けもん shop, and soak it; unnecessary maturational salted rice-bran paste! I let you make lactic fermentation with 220 million vegetable lactic acid bacteria and come for an easily delicious season vegetables in salted rice-bran paste injury from the first because it is the salted rice-bran paste which I made. A main material is rice bran of キヌヒカリ from Wakayama! Except it soak; raw materials domestic as for all the raw materials. And it is completely additive-free.

It is pickled deliciously just to put vegetables in salted rice-bran paste! "You are a pickle expert in this, too". "The skill of the pickle craftsman is valid"

Salted rice-bran paste trial set 37% of 漬 けもん shops off! Free shipping! 1,880 yen!


Really sorry. It is sold 30 sets of 1st on a qualified scale more than 180 days before it is completed because it is necessary.

The purchase

The secret of the salted rice-bran paste that delicious rice bran pickles are made from the first

[all 1. easily soaks rice bran]
When I am going to make rice bran pickles at home, it is originally a very troublesome thing. "I throw it away and soak it of vegetables" and do trial pickles with といって waste vegetables and must accustom salted rice-bran paste. However, soaking it does not have to abandon it to "the salted rice-bran paste of the 漬 けもん shop". Anyone can easily soak it from the first deliciously.
[the collected studies of 2. pickle shop know-how]
The pickle shop "taste of the barrel" which I prepared the rice bran pickles into for many years is the salted rice-bran paste which I repeat a study, and a study was able to complete. I made full use of every knowledge and technique and, during the compounding rate of the seasoning only in the pickle shop, a maturational period, finished temperature management. By exquisite profit to be able to give only in the pickle shop and saltiness and the maturational fermentation when is mellow; acidity. It is right the collected studies of the pickle shop know-how.
[I use domestic raw materials of all 3. nature]
The rice bran of raw materials uses only the rice bran removed from rice キヌヒカリ from Wakayama. And seasoning is salt of Ako, Hyogo, kombu of Hokkaido from Southern Hokkaido, the peel of a persimmon of the village of the Wakayama dried persimmon, red pepper of Mihama, Wakayama, the skin of Wakayama Kishu mandarin orange and Saga product のきな powder. It is 100% domestic raw materials. Because I just use the materials of those nature without all processing, additive-free salted rice-bran paste is completely made.
[the making of = rice bran made with 4. pickle]
I pickle it with rice bran and materials of nature which selected carefully and a Japanese radish to use for a pickle and finish it. Here is miso. Salted rice-bran paste is born in the process that really makes a pickle. Naturally I virtually, so to speak, complete abandoned 漬 injury at this point in time because sweetness and the taste ingredient in the Japanese radish get into the rice bran. It is the reason that this does not assume abandoned 漬 けを need and is the secret it is delicious, and to be pickled from the first.
[fermentation maturational more than 5.180 days in a lactic acid bacterium]
I pickle it, and the periods are what more than 180 days! Taste and the acidity only by rice bran pickles are born by fermenting by a vegetable lactic acid bacterium of (the food microbe center investigation) more than 220 million for 1 kg of rice bran during this maturational period. Furthermore, I use that it becomes the kind rice bran (the very first salted rice-bran paste) of this salted rice-bran paste while adding the thing which I used before the pickle shop establishment of a business for 30 years.
[thought as 6. pickle shop]
"It was pickle = fermented food ," but originally felt resentment in the present conditions that the taste of the original pickle was lost by the development of a chemical seasoning and the preservative recently. I want you to taste the taste of a true pickle willingly at home. I want visitors of the whole country to eat the healthy pickle which the additives such as preservatives are not in. There was the thought, and this salted rice-bran paste was born.
Guts How to use I Comics Manual The how to use salted rice-bran paste animation clicks this Trouble Cancellation Set The purchase Raw materials Drying in the sun
I can enjoy the rice bran pickles throughout the year.
I can enjoy the rice bran pickles throughout the year so that a kitchen, a kitchen are always required.
The reason is affordable as seasonal vegetables and this is because it is pickled most deliciously.
It is rational even if I take it because I have only to soak the vegetables which remained in the case of a dish.

The recommended pickle of spring vegetables
It is soaked in rice bran of the cabbage in spring
Asparagus pickled in rice bran
It is soaked in rice bran of the celery.

The recommended pickle of summer vegetables
Cucumber soaked in rice bran
Eggplant pickled in rice bran
It is soaked in the rice bran of the bitter gourd.

The recommended pickle of autumn vegetables
Onion pickled in rice bran
Carrot pickled in rice bran
Oh, it is soaked in rice bran of the ringgit.

The recommended pickle of winter vegetables
Turnip pickled in rice bran
Rice bran pickles when I vomit
It is soaked in the rice bran of the Japanese radish.

How about? I think that there are many surprising vegetables for rice bran pickles, but am pickled deliciously. The salted rice-bran paste was inherited as food culture in Japan from generation to generation for a long time and called it and have been got close to vegetables seasoned in juicy ricebran paste, どぼ pickles, floor pickles, the rice bran miso pickles by an area. In addition, there are the manners and customs told to a daughter as the trousseau which served as art of family budget saving from old days by mother because the use of the salted rice-bran paste is superior economically. In late years I attract attention as the health food which I can take in directly with living in a vegetable lactic acid bacterium very much. The salted rice-bran paste is excellent food culture on behalf of Japan in this way.

In addition, the common question of the salted rice-bran paste of the 漬 けもん shop is this place

Contents Voice of the visitor A present! I present seasoning for exclusive use of the salted rice-bran paste of the 漬 けもん shop to the person who can write a review after product use♪
※Of "write a review, and getting a present" on the shopping bag book くを, please choose a review; ^^
The salted rice-bran paste which I let you mature more than 180 days without using an additive at all, and a pickle shop of the Honma thing made with 100% domestic raw materials.
There are the collected studies of the refined technique to be made a pickle shop here.
I can easily enjoy professional soaked in "rice bran" at home.
I get seasoning for exclusive use of the salted rice-bran paste of the present if you can write a review (impression of the product).

I have with salted rice-bran paste and refund the product price if the pickle which I soaked is not delicious by any chance. I transfer the repayment method from this place if you can guide a designated account. In addition, a collect on delivery fee and the transfer fee at the time of the purchase are not included. Approve it.
※The visitor that repayment processing was carried out refrains from the second purchase. Oh, approve it without scolding you.
Contents Salted rice-bran paste container + aging rice bran 2kg+ いそ salt + manual
The expiration date If I stir it after ※ opening a letter for 12 months and care for it, it is available all the time
Preservation method I avoid high temperature and humidity, and, please keep it
Usage Please use it for the making of rice bran pickles. Please use the いそ salt for a salt fir tree and prodding salt
Raw materials Rice bran (Wakayama product), salt (Hyogo product) of Ako, kombu (Hokkaido product) from Southern Hokkaido, peel of a persimmon (Wakayama product), peel of the Kishu mandarin orange (Wakayama product), red pepper (Wakayama product), きな powder (Saga product), ginger (Wakayama product), salted rice-bran paste Tupper container (domestic production)
Size of the container 24cm in length, 17cm in width, 9cm in height
※In attention, Hokkaido, +900 yen, Okinawa cost the additional postage of +700 yen. Recommended product of the 漬 けもん shop
Pickled daikon

Email service salted rice-bran paste
Chinese mustard

みつ plum
しそ plum

Salted rice-bran paste, common question of the 漬 けもん shop
(Q1) Do I not need to stir it every day?
(A1) It is all right if I keep it with a refrigerator even if I do not stir it every day. If I stir it well once from the bottom on 5th and take fresh air and give it, I can keep a good state. But, please stir it well every day from the bottom when you keep it in normal temperature (the time when temperature in particular is warm). This is because an anaerobic lactic acid bacterium, the fermentation of the yeast fungus advance too much.

(Q2) Is the salted rice-bran paste really economical?
(A2) Yes. Economical. When it is a common pickle, generally the 100g150 yen is market price. The 100g300 yen assumes that it becomes the additive-free pickle. When I make a pickle with this salted rice-bran paste in comparison with it, it depends on vegetables, but can make an additive-free pickle with cost less than the average 100g50 yen. It is a reason that the salted rice-bran paste which has been got close to as one of the trousseaus from old days is most suitable as art of family budget saving.

(Q3) How much is the size of the container?
(A3) It is approximately 24cm in length, approximately 17cm in width, approximately 9cm in height. It is the just right size that is easy to be settled if it is a general refrigerator. It depends on the individual difference of vegetables, but, as for 5-6 of them, a cucumber enters at a time.

(Q4) When salted rice-bran paste becomes slow?
(A4) The water of vegetables soaks into salted rice-bran paste when I continue making rice bran pickles, and the whole salted rice-bran paste becomes watery. In such a case I absorb water with kitchen paper and a sponge, or I wrap up salted rice-bran paste with a dishcloth, and, please squeeze water.

(Q5) An alcohol smell makes it from salted rice-bran paste.
(A5) Because an anaerobic lactic acid bacterium or yeast fungus are active, I give off a strong smell because a lot of alcohol is produced. I add salt approximately three cups of teaspoons and I stir it well from the bottom and I smelling it disappears if I keep it with a refrigerator after having taken fresh air and comes back to the original salted rice-bran paste. When you do not come back at once, I stir it again, and, please take in air.

(Q6) Is it delicious when I soak what kind of vegetables and food?
(A6) It is delicious not to mention a basic thing including a cucumber and the eggplant. In addition, it becomes delicious when a surprising thing makes rice bran pickles. For example, a dried shiitake and burdock (I outrun you and need lye), a pumpkin and paprika, a tomato, a zucchini, the skin of the watermelon are delicious, too.

(Q7) I like the pickle, but am worried about salt.
(A7) A mineral ingredient called potassium is included a lot in the rice bran pickles 2-3 times than a common pickle. This is because potassium in the rice bran shifts to rice bran pickles. Because they exhaust internal extra salt, as for potassium, the rice bran pickles are recommended in the one where salt is minded.

Salted rice-bran paste, rare question of the 漬 けもん shop
(Q1) Do we do not have to worry about the radioactivity?
(A1) We do not have to worry. It is rice bran removed from キヌヒカリ from Wakayama. In addition, I perform an examination for スクリーミング in a public inspection organization, and the radioactive material is the non-detection.

(Q2) I heard that rice bran is good for a body, but is it true?
(A2) There is the individual difference, but is true. At first vitamins called the inositol are included in rice bran. This inositol is called "the antifatty liver vitamins" and can expect work to prevent I make a flow of the fat better, and fat from collecting in a body.
Furthermore, a lot of strong ingredients of the antioxidant action called Y-oryzanol are included. This suppresses the absorption of the bad cholesterol with a polyphenolic kind and can expect blood circulation promotion, an effect of the ultraviolet rays prevention.
Then it is gabardine (GABA). This is included a lot in rice bran with kind of the amino acid. I can expect an effect fixing action and a relaxation effect, the condition of the liver to control a rise in blood pressure.

(Q3) Does the salted rice-bran paste ferment in a lactic acid bacterium?
(A3) Yes, it is the street. It is completed as salted rice-bran paste by fermenting by a vegetable lactic acid bacterium. The lactic acid bacterium has various kinds and, including lactobacillus plan turrum bacteria, consists by many lactic acid bacteria such as enterococcus feh chalice bacteria and ペディオコッカス ペントサセウス bacteria, this Lew stock fig marigold terrorism Ide bacteria.

(Q4) If a vegetable lactic acid bacterium is good for a body, is it true?
(A4) There is the individual difference, but this is true, too. A lot of scientific inspection is performed, and it is an immunity activation effect and is a constipation improvement effect, and it is said that there is it until a hay fever reduction effect and the reduction effect of the atopy symptom now.

(Q5) Skin is smooth slipperily when I stir salted rice-bran paste?
(A5) This is oil of the rice bran. Oil is included in salted rice-bran paste. I do not think that oil enters and am very dry oil. The humidity retention effect is high, and it is often the person not to need a hand cream when I mix salted rice-bran paste. But the weak person, please be careful about salt because the salt is included to salted rice-bran paste.

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糠床を触ったことのないおじさんでも簡単にぬか漬けが作れました。 きゅうりもかぶも美味しかったです。 せっかくの糠床ですから、 ちゃんとメンテナンスして大事に使い続けていきたいですね。
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初めての糠漬けだったのですが、とても簡単できゅうりも少し塩辛かったけど おいしくつかりました。 ぬかは臭いと聞いてたけど、お漬物屋さんの良い香りで混ぜるのも楽しいです☆ 子供もパクパク食べました。 これから自分の味にしていくのが、楽しみです。
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発酵食品を食べたいなと思い、ぬか漬を自宅ですることにしました。 5日に1回しかかき混ぜなくて良いとのことで、手軽さとコスパでこちらのショップにたどり着きました 少し我が家の口にはしょっぱいので、星4つにしました。 でも、漬ける時間を調節することで、そこはかばーできるのかもしれません。 5日に1回も不安でしたが、漬けた野菜を探す際に、探すついでに混ぜれば、全く問題なさそうです。 あたりまえなのかもしれませんが、蓋を開けた時の匂いは、換気扇の下でないと結構きついです。
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祖母が漬けてくれた漬物の味が忘れられず、スーパー等の漬物では満足出来なかったので購入しました。 漬物を漬けるのは初めてなので上手にできるか不安でしたが満足のいく味になりました。 自分で漬けたものなので評価は甘くなると思いますが、スーパーで購入した漬物と食べ比べると味の差がよく解るのではないでしょうか?? 現状では非常に満足しています!
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友人へのプレゼントで買った商品です。 すごく喜んでました。
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早速、キュウリ、人参、茄子をつけてみました。 とても簡単で美味しくできました。
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きちんと原材料がわかる、手のかかったお漬物が食べたいけれどもあまり手間をかけたくない、というわがままな要望に応えてくれるかのような商品で、見つけてすぐに購入しました。 現在、第三弾の野菜を漬けていますが、第一弾のものはしょっぱくてダメでした~。やっと、すこしずつ味が落ち着いてきたような気がします。 これからいろいろ研究して、自分好みの味に育てていきたいです~!

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