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Mia costume is selling costumes in Akihabara since 2005.

There was only about 10 companies that sells costumes in Japan those days.

Since we are selling lots of costumes since 2005, we are one of the biggest sellers in costumes in Japan.

Because I have confidence in the quality we are open with costume production process and it is on the blog!

We have 7 story building in Tokyo and Akihabara as a headquarter.

Since we have the headquarter in Tokyo Akihabara we have the latest news of costume trends.

We do not take too good pictures so that you can feel the quality and fair price.

Other shops are taking too good pictures but the product is a mostly mess.

We do not cheat in the Quality because we are Japanese company and we are in Akihabara Tokyo.

** secret of MIACOS **

secret of MIACOS 1
High-quality MIACOS Original products!

secret of MIACOS 2
If it is the same product, we are mostly No.1 cheapest shop in Japan.

secret of MIACOS 3
If we get the products in cheep price, then we sell it cheap!

secret of MIACOS 4
Our Costumes are in lots of TV drama and a movie in Japan!
You can find "MIACOS" is on end credit lots of time!

secret of MIACOS 5
We are No.1 in the world of making famous girls' High-school uniform of Japan.

** Let's check the other shop product and Miacostume in the quality **

The example compared with other Chinese costume shop product and our MIACOS Product

↑ Mia costume (the left) and Chinese Costume shop (the right) .

** Chinese Costume shop product (the right)**

** Jacket**
A ribbon: By satin, sewn directly to the jacket. It's sewn on under the collar. Satin is sewn on under the collar to save the length.

Red line in a collar part: The satin material. Looks very Terrible.

The zipper on the front: Zipper on original sailor blouse has to be on the side. But Chinese cut the cost to make it easy.

** Skirt**
Belt part: No Belt. Made by just the rubber. What happens when you want the jacket in to the skirt? Chinese shops don't know the HARUHI at all.

Overall amount of the cloth: slightly shorter skirt and less cloth in everything so it looks poor.

** Overall**
Color of the cloth: It is general light blue. It's different from the color of the original Haruhi.

** MIACOS (the left)**

** Jacket**

A ribbon: It's made by steady cloth of polyester. It is a real ribbon you can use on other costumes.

Red line in a collar: It's made by polyester. The color is very near to the Original Haruhi.

Jacket Zipper: Zipper is on the side as the Original Haruhi.

** Skirt**
Belt part: Has a Belt Just like the Original Haruhi.

The amount of the overall cloth: We make the samples lot of time to adjust to the Original Haruhi.

** Overall**
Color of the cloth: We make the original color cloth just for this product to look as the Original Haruhi. And we use thick cloth that looks real Haruhi school wear.

When comparing more than the above, it's "MIACOS" to buy!

The quality beyond the price is very important!

Since we are good in the Quality, our shops our in the company that is on the Japan's Stock Exchange.

** LAOX ASO BIT CITY store (Tokyo Akihabara) Tokyo Stock Exchange**

1-15-18, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

** Entertainment digital mall store (Nagoya and Osu) MCJ Tokyo Stock Exchange **

3-12-35, Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Entertainment digital mall 4B floor


MIACOS company store was made in Tokyo, Akihabara, Osaka and Nipponbashi!

** Company store in MIACOS Tokyo Akihabara **

A location
〒 101-0041 The 4th floor of Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 2-19-36 TH building
Telephone number 03-32255-2243

[The nearest station]
JR and the subway Akihabara station 3 minutes on foot
Subway Iwamotochou station 3 minutes on foot
Subway Awajimachi station 5 minutes on foot

** Company store in MIACOS Osaka Nipponbashi **
A location
〒 556-0004 1-chome 5-3, Nipponbashinishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Telephone number 080-4182-6264
[The nearest station]
Subway Ebisuchou station 5 minutes on foot
Subway Namba station 8 minutes on foot

** For any question plese send us by e-mail **


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We reconfirm again and again before the shipment as much as possible but it can't be guaranteed because of the customs in your country can do anything to the parcel.

If there was a packing mistake or a damaged product we like to change it for you but the shipping cost is too high and it cost more than the product so it is impossible to refund or change the product for overseas order.

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**It will be all customers’ self-responsibility.


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We are Mia-costume.

One of the top selling costume brands in Japan.

We are ranked No.1 from the 2007 raking of costume sellers in Rakuten Market.

We also have physical costume shops in:
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*Osaka Nipponbashi

We aim to give our customers high quality products at reasonable prices.

We can send any costume to any  country by EMS.

We can sell our products worldwide!
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