We are retailer of smoking supplies and writing materials in Japan.
We'll put all our strength into to deliver the high quality product of designed and manufacturing in Japan for you.
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Delivery method

The delivery method is EMS(Express Mail Service).Packed in a disassembled IATA(International Air Transport Association) regulations.When a lighter arrives, you assemble it please.
2nd day delivery "Asuraku" is not available for international orders.

International Mail Rates, Size and Weight Limits

Weight Asia NorthAmerica/The Pacific Europe South America/Africa
0-300g 900JPY 1,200JPY 1,500JPY 1,700JPY
500g 1,100JPY 1,500JPY 1,800JPY 2,100JPY
600g 1,240JPY 1,680JPY 2,000JPY 2,440JPY
700g 1,380JPY 1,860JPY 2,200JPY 2,780JPY
800g 1,520JPY 2,040JPY 2,400JPY 3,120JPY
900g 1,660JPY 2,220JPY 2,600JPY 3,460JPY
1kg 1,800JPY 2,400JPY 2,800JPY 3,800JPY
1.25kg 2,100JPY 2,800JPY 3,250JPY 4,600JPY
1.5kg 2,400JPY 3,200JPY 3,700JPY 5,400JPY
1.75kg 2,700JPY 3,600JPY 4,150JPY 6,200JPY
2kg 3,000JPY 4,000JPY 4,600JPY 7,000JPY

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