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Music box doll  Rabbit  A present  A father  A mother  A celebration  An ornament  An ornament  In a mother country.


Japan   direct , Japan product · japan domestic
Music   box music box
Japan   costume Kimono "kimono"
It   is a popular music music box of Japan
Rakuten   market overseas , it is music box order top
Orders   from all over the world , is very often
It   will send by EMS flights from Japan post office japan post

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Japanese Kyoto sending and fashionable total miscellaneous goods in the Kyoto circle. The corner a heart fits a western-style room and a total and where calms down

I gift-wrap a present celebration, a birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, respect for the old, the sixtieth birthday, seventy years of age, eighty-eighth birthday, marriage, childbearing, entrance entrance into a school of higher grade, 753 Festival shuku, a celebration of passage to maturity, celebration of employment, celebration of the opening of store and a gift for foreign countries by your request. Celebration of a graduation ceremony, New Year's attachment and 'Setsubun'*
I prepared the small fry who enjoy four seasons and a music box for a doll, a Boys' Festival, a summer festival, viewing the moon and Christmas.

Purchase of more than 10,000 yen and free delivery! Foreign countries are EMS flight.

Very popular "as much as putting, music box" Japan in the optimistic Kyoto circle  kimono Music Box

Produce in a speciality store as much as putting in Kyoto number 1 of the foundation for 105 years  Music box doll
The cute rabbit which put on fashionable long-sleeved kimono pattern and small pattern.
A rabbit is enjoying as the lucky animal which jumps more than the past.
A music box song tells gratitude, "Thank you very much.", kind "Sakura-Zaka"
Dear "red dragonfly" "cherry tree" is fine, it's "flower" "in the future".
It's very popular in a celebration!
In MADE IN JAPAN DOLL made in Japan, from foreign countries, your order is also much.
It's even included in a safe reinforcement packing box from 1.
Your order is increasing rapidly by popularity, but please order rather early for making by hand one by one.