Les fall de Latour [1989] Les Forts De Latour [1989]

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Chateau Latour Chateau Latour

Chateau Latour AOC Pauillac
AOC Pauillac, Chateau-Latour Médoc official grading 1st grade

シャトー・ラトゥール Chateau Latour

 Proverbs of the old Médoc "wine a great tree grows near the water ' that is. Latour is like this saying the Gironde River to soil formed field, a mild climate, time, field is on a small hill near "Rambla" based on distinctive terroir, this terroir on the way.

* Location
 To the North of Bordeaux is approximately 60 km. Château Latour in Pauillac. Is largely located in the South of St Julian's near Pauillac vineyard in the hills of gravel quality of the estuary of the Gironde River.
* Climate
 In the Atlantic Ocean near characterized by a temperate oceanic climate. Near the Gironde River vineyard is protected from cold and spring frost damage. Summer climate is usually sunny day many, must thunderstorms until mid-July. Also, often, hot and dry in the first half of August, large day-night temperature difference, becoming larger due to thunderstorms, accelerate the maturation of the grapes.
About < drainage system &gt;
 Quickly remove excess water in the vineyards of the Rambla, established drainage system since the 19 century, loss of quality during harvest season.

 1378 more of Froissart "dating notation ' to appeared. 100 years in the midst of a war at that time, the Fort Saint-Maubert tower was fielding Breton soldiers of the King of France. The history of the Chateau was Alexandre de Ségur owned land as a result of marriage and inheritance, until the end of the 17-century owned by Muret House, begins with the Ségur House.
 Ségur's 1716, shortly ago death won the Chateau Lafite, son won Chateau Karon Ségur and Château Mouton-Rotschild 1718, Bordeaux City Council Chairman Nicolas-Alexandre is the wine business. Beginning of 18 century the British luxury wine consumption in aristocratic and bourgeois class of people. And fits into the battle of Bordeaux wine exports and at the same time rapid growth was ahead of other wines in terms of quality and price.
 Harveys of Bristol Corporation (later acquired by Allied Lions group) has 25% and became one organization in 1842, and was composed only Ségur House until 1962, but in 1963, the British financial group, Pearson group 53% owned by shareholders. In 1989, allied Lions Group acquired equity of the Pearson group, except the remains of Ségur's heir under 7% 93% of shares owned.
 And, 6/1993, François Pinault acquired Allied Lions group holding through the Artemis company. Chateau Latour finished by 30 years of British capital management is again France capital, where it remains today.

 76 ha in vineyards owned by La Tour, called the "Rambla" while surrounding the Chateau 48 ha farm is the wine. "Ranchero" field is 16 m high hill from the Gironde River, enclosed in the Gironde River tributaries of two North-South, nor East "Perry".
 To harvest the grapes in the field cultivation density 1 ha per 10000 very high and high-quality production is appropriate. The saplings every year, Withers, hurt has replanted young trees. This technology is called "complantation (Complantation)", for the readjustment of production and maintaining quality. Mark applied to different trees in these compartments were replanted young trees, harvesting is done separately from the old trees.
 To banish the predators of the grapes, then pulled trees on the parcel's average age rises too much or replant the entire parcel, considering replanting overall increases in old rose with soil again give vitality to let rest for five years. Rutt Redzone (dealing with pesticides), and accurately analyze things that harm the grapes now, (calculation of predators, disease cycles, etc.). Without using any chemical herbicides in soil, vine, uses only organic fertilizers such as manure and compost plant.

-Harvest and vinification
 Usually from mid-September, spent 15 to 20 days, all hand-picked hire harvests of approximately 150 people in extraordinary every year at harvest time. Using the cart can accommodate about 8 kg to get crushed grapes at harvest. Parcels every cart carries directly to the brewery, is carried to the 2 floor of the brewery in the elevator, get rid of any excess moisture screened in two stages. 1) unwanted parts (leaf, petiole) and hygiene but bad seed, eliminated. 2) removed the floral parts that wound, compromising quality grapes (stem or axis).
 And then transported to a tank, and squeeze gently and alcoholic fermentation begins. Tank and cooled by water temperature regulation and while wine puts about three weeks the fermentation. Wine from Mar (= milking grounds. Primary grape skins and seeds), except after fining the tanks change transfer. 2: fermentation (MLF) is done in the next month, softens the wine has depth and finesse. Brewing facility was renewed in 2001, now 66 stainless steel vats. This number is three times previously. By the increase in the number of tanks to ferment grapes parcels every possible, according to the area of the kinds of trees, vines and terroir, parcels, 12 hl ~ 170 hl size tank is brewing.

 Barrel aged with oak of Allier and nièvre. New barrels to Chateau Latour 100% Le for-to Le de Latour, 50% use 10% of Pauillac. To choose the best blend (blend) beginning of the ripening months building a Chateau Latour tasting will be repeated. Wine the aged for 6 months in the cellar of the first year. Not sealed barrels, gas exchange is made between the wine and the atmosphere are resealed in the faucet as glass. For dry barrel aged wine is just one supplement the wine twice a week. Then barrels aging 10 to 13 months for shifts to second cellar. Sealed barrels, continue aging in barrels was protected from the temperature difference. At this stage of the village do not have racking every 3 months; Put it in a barrel from one year after fining. Approximately 45 days after the last racking of the clarification work is done, clear wine and Lees separated eventually.

● bottling
 Before bottling to ensure potential, balance, blend in a large stainless steel tanks. At present, new stainless steel tanks, to blend the wine all at once and keep constant, endless quality of wine, became possible. After blending, microbial analysis again each stainless steel tanks (12 hl ~ 170 hl) to put. This work usually begins in mid-June [Pauillac], [Les fall de Latour] and [Château Latour] followed by.


Robert Parker Jr. " Bordeaux 3rd Edition "
 Latour lies just north of the vineyards of the Léoville Las cars he built an impressive land border between Pauillac and St Julian's, wall. You can tell even from the road, stands the imposing Tower of cream. Down since, the vineyards and the Gironde River, built where the fortress built for the label, this robust towers famous, 17 century, originally British in the 15 century from pirate attacks defends himself. Major Chateaux in Bordeaux, a handful were Chateau has been managed by foreign companies, there is only one. From 1963 until 1994 Latour owned by British, returned to France who bought this land in 1994, François Pinot.
 Impeccable classical stuff in the wine, delectable right when a mediocre vintage also consistently even when the poor, is an excellent quality. Has a reputation for producing wines of Bordeaux 1 in parallel, or a poor vintage, 1960, 1972, about the 1974 be substantiated, but the poor vintage in recent (1977, 1980, 1984), amazing wine, overshadowed by the Château other than.
 Also, stubbornly to slow ripening even famous. 20 years-25 years the bottle maturation and shedding considerable tannins, showing great strength and depth and richness. "Brave" or "masculine" known as "robust", but in 1983-and to faint during 1989, but know it has toned down. it seems. I felt staff strongly denied, but more gentle on my tasting and approachable style.   Fortunately, such frivolous trend begins producing wine Latour standout again since 1990, and has disappeared.
 Not 10 years cannot be denied that the superior was slightly inferior in 1982 and 1986, was striking. It is insufficient to handle the 1983, 1985, 1986 harvest, fermentation (Cuvelier) openly in secret. Was necessary in order to accommodate the grapes, fermentation tank soon. Zhang Cuvelier and the Underground cellars and, to Bordeaux's biggest harvest in 1989. Which became the 1983, 1985, 1988, 1989, tasting, objectively, which ages in this century it compared to the lightly and clearly weakens the strength, fell out of the dense wine. In 1990 and 1994, 1995, Latour in 1996, returned to its original state.

Average annual production volume:20.000 book
Vineyard area: 65 ha (called the "Rambla" is 47 ha around the Château, included Grand van)
Average age: 40 years (Rambla) and 37 years (others)
High degree 10,000 books
Blend ratio: Cabernet Sauvignon 80%, Merlot, 15% Cabernet franc and 5% Petit Verdot
Chateau Latour Chateau Latour

The undisputed premier wine, Bordeaux wine Bordeaux 1 [Château Latour]!

 The number in the "second wine" of Bordeaux, definitely best's is a one of one. Unlike Latour vineyard differences (blended Latour vineyard even slightly, though), early drinking will staff greets the palate. Kabacam, very concentrated fruit flavors and full-bodied, positively can ask Latour bloodlines.

 Tip of the Médoc rated 1st grade, then ordered to shake [Château Latour]."Always the most luxury, power, kabacam and solemn. 」Has a vivid personality even taste any vintage Chateau Latour and know instantly. Primer sold in recent years but difficult to obtain and the undisputedA great wine is the greatest wines of the worldIt is.
 Is the wine with par superior Chateau crowded around as well, to surpass the strength. Also seen in circulation for the quality, price, and market was synonymous with the second label this Les waterfall-de-Latour is alreadySecond label range has been exceeded.

 Château Latour vineyard is divided into three.
The first one for "Chateau-Latour", [Grand Enclos (Gran Rambla)] and a special section called.
Mainly used in Les fall de Latour, spread around the field the second compartment. It is a groves growing excellent grapes here fall short of Grand Rambla, although more than 40 years old, have been maintained for more than 100 years.
For young trees to grow for the future third compartment. This is called "comprantation" and the trees wither every year, a healthy trees, it substitutes it. Is indispensable to protect the quality of all parcels.
 Grapes harvested from young trees, Chateau Latour and development of young trees on a large scale, mainly [Pauillac de Latour] [Les fall de Latour] to use. Usually consists of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot Les fall de Latour, which is two-thirds we use things from young trees grown from non-Grand-Rambla is two-thirds. These vines is what you planted in 1964.
According to overlap old vines outside the Rambla, Les fall de Latour quality is steadily improving.

Robert Parker Jr. " Bordeaux 4th Edition "more
 Latour's staff is always "second" wines of Latour's so quality in the 1855 classification (d) argued is equivalent in class. Argue facts, they are in Latour during the blind tasting of Les fall de Latour for comparison 2 Chateau wine has been put out. If the decision whether or not to demote Pauillac (third wine) Les fall de Latour is very good if made of. In particular vintage I, too, for example in 2000, 1996, 1982, like want to agree in their assessment, but more objectively, and quality in the Les fall de Latour is level 4. However, still the best in the Bordeaux second wines that doesn't change the fact it is.
 Brewing method is exactly same as Latour, grapes used hecto Petit Bertie, Comtesse de Lalande, and Les fall de Latour's three locations. Also, blended was considered in addition to the above, but a lot of Latour Grand Vin is not very one (of many). Les fall de Latour features looks stunningly Latour itself. Lighter than Latour, early drinking only will be in the 20s. Mistakes not to be produced in the famous chateaux of Bordeaux's best second-label (or Marquis).

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»» Thinking about our * vintage

■ Information
-Country of origin France
-Regional Bordeaux region / Médoc district Pauillac and MEDOC rating 1st grade / second label
-Grape varieties 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot
-Type Red, full-bodied, dry
-Contents 750 ml
-How to save Avoid direct sunlight, vibration, keep in place of less than 18 ° c.
● imported original

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