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The "Automatic Reply" is not an "acceptance e-mail".  (Japanese notation:自動配信メール)
Even if you replied to the automatic delivery of e-mail, we cannot confirm. Please contact e-mail address of our shop (
cosmebox@shop.rakuten.co.jp) if you have any such change or cancel.
EMS(Express Mail Service)

■Eligible Orders
Products able to be shipped overseas via Rakuten International Shipping Services
(Please write your address in English)
* There is the possibility that addresses entered using Chinese, Korean, or Russian characters may not show up correctly in our system.

■Overseas Shipping Fees Chart
Customers who would like their products shipped overseas must select EMS as the shipping method. We will send a separate email to customers informing them of the exact shipping costs for their order after the order has been placed. Shipping costs are determined by weight in accordance with the chart below.
Please note that the “free shipping” label on some products is only applicable to domestic orders (orders shipped within Japan). All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping fee
※Please be aware that we do not use any other shipping methods besides EMS.

* Domestic orders cannot be shipped via EMS.
* We only accept "Credit card and PayPal only" as payment methods for international orders. Please be aware that your order will be cancelled if you select any other payment methods than these.
* Changes to credit card information cannot be made in our system once the order has been placed. (You must place your order again in the case that you need to make changes to your credit card information.)
* There are instances where we may ask a customer to pay via PayPal in the case of purchases of especially expensive items or for first time customers due to an increase in the number of cases of unauthorized and illegal credit card use. We ask that all customers be aware of this in advance.

IMPORTANT: Cautions for Customers Using Debit Cards
Payment via debit cards will follow the same procedures as those of credit cards, however, the order amount will be withdrawn from the customer’s account immediately following order placement. Because of this, there is the possibility that a customer may be temporarily charged twice if changes are made to the order amount after authorization (changes in the form of additional shipping costs, additional product orders or cancellations, changes to shipping costs for combined orders, point usage, etc.) in the form of the original order amount and the newly changed order amount.
The customer’s credit card company will ultimately refund the original order amount, however, seeing as we are unable to obtain information as to when the refund will be made, there are cases where a customer will be temporarily charged both amounts. Because of this, we advise customers to not use debit cards to pay for their order.
(In such cases, customers should contact their credit card company directly for information as to when they can expect to have the original payment refunded. Please be aware that we are unable to obtain this information.)

* Payment of additional Customs duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer. (Please contact the Customs Office in the country where your order will be delivered for detailed information.)
IMPORTANT: We will not alter the price of the items ordered on the invoice to make it appear less than the actual transaction for Customs clearance purposes. Additionally, we must select the “merchandise” category on the EMS shipping label. We are unable to label it as a “gift.” We appreciate your understanding.
* About the shipping fee, it is calculated after items are packed, so we can't tell you
the shipping fee before you are order it.
* We currently do not use any other international shipping methods outside of EMS. (SAL, etc.)
* Please refer to the link below for information on product availability and shipping estimates.
* We do not offer bulk purchase discounts for large orders. Customers will be charged the exact price listed for each product. (We are not wholesale distributors.)

【General Flow from Order Placement to Delivery】

1)You will receive an automatically generated “Order Confirmation” email from Rakuten Ichiba after you place your order.
Please be aware that this email does NOT contain information regarding shipping costs.
* This email is not a confirmation email from COSMEBOX. Do not reply to this email. Contact COSMEBOX directly via email(cosmebox@shop.rakuten.co.jp)for inquiries regarding changes to your order or order cancellation.

2)COSMEBOX staff will send the customer an email containing the finalized pricing information after confirming the availability of the ordered items. If the customer has chosen to pay via credit card, we will request authorization to see if the customer’s credit card can be used for payment. We will inform customers by email if their credit card has been denied.
Customers who have selected the PayPal option will receive a separate confirmation email from PayPal. Customers should access the PayPal website via the link in this email and transfer the payment within 14 days.
Please refer to the [About PayPal Payment] section for further details on paying with PayPal.
* It may take longer than usual to send out confirmation emails if we are backed up with a large volume of orders. Additionally, large orders may require additional time to come in.

3)Once we send customers the confirmation email, orders are typically shipped the following business day.
Orders for customers paying with PayPal are shipped the following business day after payment has been confirmed. Customers will be sent an email with an EMS tracking number after their order has been shipped.
Please confirm that we will send you an email with writing luggage number when the shipment is complete. And we will inform you the link for the track of EMS.

* Customers who would like to confirm how much shipping will cost before their order is shipped should send us an email. Customers are also able to make this request in the comment section when ordering.
Please be aware that we may be unable to respond to such a request without a written comment from the customer.
* There are cases where we may decide to contact the customer with regards to shipping costs even without such a request in the case of orders containing expensive products, etc.
* We ask that prospective customers refrain from inquiring about potential shipping costs before placing an order. (We are unable to give out information on exact shipping costs until the order has been packaged for shipping.)
* Period layaway of goods is up to 2 weeks.
It will be canceled automatically if there is no contact for more than two weeks such as for shipping confirmation.
* We are unable to give orders to halt shipping once a package is no longer in Japan. We are unable to respond to requests from customers to cancel their order once it has shipped. We ask that customers inform us of cancellation requests or changes to their order before it has been shipped.
* Sales tax is not charged for international orders, however, an 8% overseas handling fee is added on to international orders.

Your order will typically arrive 3 business days to a week from the day it was shipped. It may take longer if there are issues with Customs clearance.
* The arrival date and time CANNOT be designated.
If you discover damages upon receipt of the package, keep the box, bubble wrap, and damaged product and report this to us as well as the nearest post office.
- EMS will investigate whether or not there is cause for compensation. If it is decided that a customer should be compensated, we will refund the cost of the damaged product(s). EMS will investigate whether or not there is cause for compensation. If it is decided that a customer should be compensated, we will refund the cost of the damaged product(s).

★About products that can not shipping
EMS is an air mail service and is unable to ship the following types of products.
Any relevant product here we will cancel, if our customers ordered.
【Main Types of Products Unable to Be Shipped】
○Products that are prohibited in the country that it is being shipped to
○Spray cans
○Products that are highly combustible and flammable
○Products containing a high alcohol and ethanol percentage
<Detailed Examples>
Hair spray, antiperspirant spray, perfume, nail polish, nail glue, false eyelash glue, batteries, bleach, cosmetics for double eyelids (excluding double eyelid tape), etc.

We will cancel the prohibited products from orders containing any of the above.
* We will inform customers of the product orders that we have cancelled when we send an order confirmation email.

* Delivery Delays and International Delivery Suspension
○We have been informed that delivery may take longer than usual for orders from Russia and Italy due to intensified Customs checks.
○We have received notification that delivery may be delayed to certain regions in China due to a sudden increase in the number of packages containing imported goods. These regions are as follows: Anhui Province, Fujian Province, Henan Province, Jiangsu Province, Jiangxi Province, Shanghai City, Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province
○Countries with areas where international delivery service has been suspended: Ukraine: Crimea and Sevastopol (Zip Codes 95000-99999) International delivery service has been suspended due to the domestic situation within the Ukraine that has made delivery to these areas difficult.

We ask that you read through and understand the above before placing your order.

* We are not accepted telephone inquiry. Please contact us by e-mail. We apologize that our shop's Customer Service is only available in Japanese and English only.

Shop Overview

Company Name COSMEBOX Co.,Ltd
Shop Address 1-10 Omichi Machi 5-chome Oita City Oita 870-0822
Shop Phone Number 097-543-1871
Shop Fax Number 097-546-6366

Payment Options:

Credit Card

【Accepted Credit Cards】
COSMEBOX accepts the following credit cards.
Lump sum payments (single payments) are possible for all of the following credit card companies.
Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX and Diners

* The number of payments (single lump sum/installments) and revolving credit/bonus payments differ for each credit card. Please pay with your credit card after confirming the possible number of installments for each type of credit card.

● The total credit card payment amount is calculated as follows:  
Total order amount + shipping costs
● In principle, COSMEBOX does not send customers a credit card receipt for security reasons. Please check the bill from your credit card company.
* Customers may be asked for proof of identity when placing their order.
* Credit cards in the name of anyone else than the individual placing the order will not be accepted.
COSMEBOX may ask first-time customers to select a different form of payment than the payment method originally selected.

Please refrain from use of debit card if customers think to inconvenience caused by being debited money, even temporarily.

In addition, We are using a system called SSL in our company. Card number will be sent encrypted. Please rest assured.


●The total PayPal payment amount is calculated as follows:
 Total order amount + shipping costs
* The automatically generated order confirmation email from Rakuten does not contain information about shipping costs. Customers should check the email that they will soon receive from COSMEBOX after placing their order and undertake the necessary steps outlined in this email.
●In addition to the order confirmation email, customers will receive an email regarding PayPal payment once shipping costs have been determined.
Customers should access the PayPal website via the link contained in this email and pay within the designated 14-day payment period.
Orders will be shipped the next business day following receipt of payment.

* COSMEBOX checks 3:00 pm (JST) every weekday to see if payment has been received.

VISA, Master Card, JCB, and American Express are the only credit cards accepted for PayPal payment. (China UnionPay cards are not accepted. The error code “SO1-W-0006” will show up in the case of attempted use.)

●COSMEBOX will cancel all orders that have not been paid for within the designated 14-day payment period.
●Customers may be charged with additional Customs related fees in the case of international orders. Please pay the Customs Office or the delivery service in the case that such fees apply. Customs practices differ depending on the country where the order will be delivered. Customers who would like further information should direct any inquiries to the Customs Office.
●Please be aware that COSMEBOX does not accept any returned goods after international orders have shipped.
●Please be careful not to lose your receipt of payment.

Shipping Options:


Your order will be shipped to you via Japan Post EMS. Japan Post is a speedy delivery service that delivers to more than 120 countries. With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide. You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week. See estimated shipping fee

Return Policy

Exchange and Cancellation Policies
COSMEBOX only accepts order cancellation requests prior to shipping.
Please be aware that we will not accept such requests from a customer once their order has shipped.
(Customers may be charged shipping fees only in the case that a customer refuses to accept the package after it has shipped.)

Please check the contents of your order immediately after your package arrives. Only customers who check the package contents upon arrival will be subject to compensation.
※Customers should contact COSMEBOX within a week of delivery in the case that the package contained damaged or mistaken products.
・COSMEBOX does not accept exchange and refund requests resulting from the customers own personal reasons.
(We are unable to exchange a product that a customer has bought after it has shipped for reasons resulting from the customers own personal reasons.)
・Please be aware that COSMEBOX will cancel orders after 2 weeks if we do not hear back from customers who have yet to confirm that they would like to go ahead with shipping after being informed of the shipping costs for their order. The same goes for customers who have items on reserve that do not get in touch within this time period, as well as customers who have not completed the PayPal payment transaction within 14 days. 

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