【Notice of updated shipping fee of EMS (International Express Mail Service) from June 1】
We would like to let you know that Japan Post Office announced the price update (price increase) of EMS (Express Mail Service) from June 1, 2016.
The shipping fee will increase between JPY 300 to 500 depending on the destination of the shipment.

Regarding the order which is placed no later than May 31st (Tue) 23:59 Japan Time, we will apply old shipping fee for the order. Therefore, please place your order at the earliest if you plan to make a purchase soon.

Thank you for your continuous support.

■ Fucoidan Extract Bulk Powder Capsules
Fucoidan Extract Bulk Powder Capsules contain 100% Okinawan fucoidan derived from fresh brown mozuku algae(scientific name: Nemacystis decipiens), and grown under the Okinawan sunlight.
■ Water-Soluble Chitosan“Mind Ace”
Japanese-made water-soluble chitosan “Mind Ace”
Mind Ace is the world’s first water-soluble chitosan.
It is soluble in water and easy to digest and absorb. Mind Ace supplies high-purity chitosan.
■ HydrogenRich Water Stick
"HydrogenRich Water Stick" is aimed at producing hydrogen-rich water easily, reliably and inexpensively by inserting the stick into your drinking water.
Patented in the USA and Japan.
■ Shark Cartilage
100% Blue Shark Cartilage.
Better Shark Granules is made of 100% cartilage of Japanese blue shark. The cartilage of no other sharks is added.
LACTIS is prepared by fermenting and aging 16 varieties of lactic acid bacteria for one year and extracting necessary components to enhance lactic acid bacteria production.
It is fermentation extract made from organic soybeans, with free of animal-origin components.
■ ESTA PRONTO (Brazilian propolis)
ESTA PRONTO is manufactured from only Brazilian propolis using micellar extraction method.
It is safe for children to consume as it is alcohol-free.


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