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Package Forwarding Service

About Package Forwarding Service

* Package forwarding service is an international shipping service. In order to use these services, you must register with them as well as Rakuten.
* Rakuten cannot answer questions regarding package forwarding services.

Package Forwarding Service

  • i. The most popular forwarding service in Japan
  • ii. No. 1 in terms of shipping volume
  • iii. Customer support in native languages
  • iv. Security of publicly traded company
  • v. Friendly customer support for any shipping issues
  • i. Low Price regardless of international delivery option
  • ii. 10 international delivery options available, including EMS
  • iii. We store your items free-of-charge for one month!
  • iv. Services: disposal of unwanted items, bulk packing, protective packaging, and delivery of large items
  • v. Other services: purchasing, bidding, or receiving for cash on delivery
  • i. Shipping and handling charge is only 150 Yen
  • ii. Immediate shipping after package delivery
  • iii. 5% off from normal shipping and handling charges
  • iv. Free insurance premium to cover any damages in goods
  • v. Maximum period of 6 months storage for your goods

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