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Campaign Conditions

Campaign Period
Apr. 21st, 2014 10:00AM - Apr. 25th, 2014 11:59PM (JST)
Shipping deadline: 5/31/2014 (Sat) (Japan time)
Only applies to orders purchased from the above selected stores on Rakuten Global Market and shipped overseas.
(Rakuten Auction and other Rakuten services are not covered.)
Using tenso.com and other forwarding services with a Japanese address is not eligible for this promotion.
*Shipping methods are limited to those provided by Japan Post
During the campaign period, every individual purchase over indicated Yen amount from the listed stores is eligible for international shipping discount.
* Purchasers will be responsible for the remaining shipping expenses over 2,000 JPY.
* The shop will notify you after your purchase is confirmed.
Purchases paid with Rakuten Super Points are also eligible.
Please refer to JP website for shipping restrictions (e.g. package weight must be less than 30 kg)
Reserved products are not eligible for this promotion.
In case of illegal use of this promotion, Rakuten has the right to remove candidate's eligibility for this promotion.
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