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*Only orders over 12,000 JPY qualify. In a single order purchase from one store.

If shipping fee exceeds 3,000 JPY, the remaining amount is covered by the customer.
If shipping fee exceeds 5,000 JPY, the remaining amount is covered by the customer.
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Featured Campaign

Featured Campaign

Featured Campaign

Discover Gourmet Japan and enjoy Free Shipping

Discover Gourmet Japan and enjoy Free Shipping


Campaign Rules


Eligibles orders must be above 12,000 JPY in value from a single shop placed during the campaign period on Rakuten Global Market.

Shipment date must be by June 30th from the merchant.

Eligibility Period

2014/5/13 10:00 to 2014/5/17 9:59 (Japan Standard Time)

Product Shipping Deadline:2014/6/30 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)

Eligible Destinations

All countries (except for Japan)

*Orders delivered to Tenso.com addresses or any other addresses within Japan, provided by forwarding services, and other such services are not eligible.

Regarding Orders during this Campaign

Orders of 12,000 Yen~15,000 Yen …Free Shipping up to 3,000 Yen
Orders over 15,000 Yen …Free Shipping up to 5,000 Yen
If the shipping fee is greater than the promotion, the customer will bear the additional shipping costs.

*Multiple orders cannot be consolidated, nor can their value be added and be counted as a single order.

*Purchase amount does not include shipping or wrapping.

*1 order= an order with the same order number. The order number is displayed on the screen after each purchase is complete.

*If the total purchase amount of one order is more than 12,000 JPY or 15,000 JPY, but a part of the cost was redeemed by Rakuten points, the order is still eligible for this campaign.

Eligible Services

Only regular purchases from Rakuten Global Market


For international shipping, the store will send you a shipping fee confirmation email to let you know the total amount of shipping fees owed. In cases where the shipping charges exceed 3,000 JPY or 5,000 JPY, the customer shall be responsible to pay the difference.

For orders containing pre-ordered products, the order will only be eligible for this campaign if the order is shipped before June 30th, 2014.

In the case Rakuten determines a misuse of this campaign, the order may be deemed ineligible.
For more information on Rakuten Global Market kindly check our Help Page.

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