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Free Shipping with EMS to AsiaFree Shipping with EMS to AsiaParticipating Shops Only Orders Over 12,000 JPY Shipping Fee Under 4,500 JPY Total Weight Under 2kg

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Q:Does one need to be a member of Rakuten to participate in this campaign?
A:No. Both members and non-members may participate in this campaign. However, normal members of Rakuten can collect 1 Rakuten Super Point for every 100 Japanese yen spent. This point can be used to offset 1 Japanese yen from your next order. We highly recommend that you sign up for a membership to better enhance your shopping experience.
Q:How long does this free shipping campaign last? How long does it take for the goods to be shipped?
A:The campaign starts at 10:00 a.m. on 11th October, 2016 and ends at 9:59 a.m. on 20th October, 2016 (Japan standard time).
Items which are in stock are required to be delivered within 3 to 7 days after the campaign ends. Items which are out of stock will need to be delivered before 18th November2016 to qualify for this free shipping campaign.
Q:Is there a minimum purchase amount for the individual order? Is there a maximum purchase amount?
A: The minimum amount of an individual order to participate in the campaign is 12,000 Japanese yen.
While there is no maximum purchase amount for this campaign, please be aware that:
    ※Bulky packages and packages that exceed 2kg may result in a shipping fee of more than
    4,500 Japanese yen. Any shipping fees in excess of 4,500 Japanese yen shall be borne by the buyer.
Large purchases and high value purchases may result in your package(s) being detained at Customs. Any packages determined to be for resale by your Customs may subject you to additional procedures and additional fees. There is no limit on the number of times a buyer can participate in this campaign. You may make separate purchases.
Q: If I cancel some items in an order, causing the total amount to fall below 12,000 Japanese yen, do I still qualify for the campaign?
(For example, I purchased 4 items at the same store, and the original amount is 13,000 Japanese yen. I then cancelled one of the items, which costs 2,000 Japanese yen and now the total amount of the order is 11,000 Japanese yen.)
A:No. In such case, the final amount of that order is 11,000 Japanese yen, which does not satisfy the minimum amount to qualify for the campaign. You will need to bear the EMS shipping costs of the order.
Q:When using Super Points or coupons, the actual amount I have to make payment for does not exceed 12,000 Japanese yen. Do I qualify for the campaign?
(For example, I purchased a product, which costs 13,000 Japanese yen. After using 2,000 Japanese yen worth of points or coupons, the actual amount I have to make payment for is 11,000 Japanese yen.)
A:Yes. Using Super Points and coupons do not affect the criterion for this campaign. Whether an order satisfies the criterion is based on the original price of the order. As long as the original price of the order meets the criterion, you may participate in this campaign even after using points or coupons.
Q:Why do I need to register in English? How do I type the address in others languages?
A:We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Characters in other languages will cause an error on our Japanese servers, so we only accept registrations in English or Japanese. Please input English address for easy identification by local delivery personnel.
Q:How do I make payment for items purchased on Rakuten Global Market?
A:The payment methods, acceptance of credit cards, and payment procedures differ from store to store. Many stores accept payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Alipay, PayPal, UnionPay, and bank transfers. You may click the “Store Information” hyperlink on the top of each individual store page to find out the full details regarding payment methods, or you may contact the store directly.
Q:After placing an order using Rakuten Super Points, will the points be refunded if the order is cancelled?
A:If the Rakuten Super Points used are regular points, the original amount of points will be refunded.
If the Rakuten Super Points are time-limited points, any points that have not expired will be refunded immediately.
If the time-limited points have already expired when the cancellation is fully processed, the points will not be refunded as they have expired.
※If the order is cancelled due to store-induced reasons (e.g. no stock), regular points will be refunded on the first working day after the order was canceled. (The expiry date of refunded points shall retain its original expiry date.) Please contact Rakuten’s Member Support Centre if your time-limited points are not refunded timely.
No points will be refunded if the order was cancelled after the end of the calendar month during which the order was placed, even if it is due to a store-sided reason. If the abovementioned case occurs, please contact the store directly.
Q:Why can’t I enjoy free shipping despite my order meeting the campaign criterion?
A:One of the criterion for the current campaign is that the weight of a package for one order may not exceed 2 kg. Moreover, the carrier has restrictions on the dimensions of the packages. If your order meets the minimum amount but the store still does not provide you with free shipping, your package may be overweight or oversized. Please discuss your options with the store. If the package exceeds 2 kg or shipping cost exceeds 4,500 Japanese yen, under this promotion, the shipping fees for the additional weight or amount shall be borne by the buyer. Please refer to campaign rule 2.
In addition, EMS direct shipping must be chosen as the shipping method. Deliveries via forwarding services do not qualify for this promotion.
Please also confirm that the store that your order is from is a store which is participating in this campaign. For more details, please refer to the campaign rules.
Q:What language should I use when replying the email sent by the shop to confirm the shipping? How should I reply?
A:Please reply the store’s emails in either English or Japanese. For example, when confirming the order, please write ‘I have confirmed the order' or '注文の詳細を確認しました'. If you want to cancel the order, please write ‘Please cancel this order’ or ‘この注文をキャンセルしてください'.
Q:What should I do if my ordered items were damaged during delivery?
A: Please make sure to open the box to check for defects before accepting the package. If the items are damaged, please contact the delivery company to receive a statement reporting the damages and send both the statement and a picture of the package via mail to the store. After consultation with the local delivery company, the store will decide on an appropriate course of action.
Q:If I have a question about my order, but did not receive a reply after emailing the store, what should I do?
A:Normally, it takes store 2 to 3 working days to process your email. If you do not receive any email reply from the store after 3 working days, please consult Rakuten’s Member Support Centre and leave a detailed description of your order.
Q:Is there a limit to the number of orders one buyer can make? Can I make multiple purchases during the event period?
A:No, there is no limit and you may make multiple purchases. All orders made within the campaign period that satisfy the criterion qualify for the decreased delivery fee.
Q:Which stores and items are involved in the campaign?
A:All Rakuten stores listed on the campaign home page are involved in this campaign. On the other hand, please note that stores not listed on the campaign home page are not participating in the campaign.
Q:Is there a limitation on the shipping destination?
A:Each individual store has different terms and conditions, causing their delivery areas to differ. Please contact individual stores for more details. However, please note that the current free delivery campaign with EMS is only applicable for regions within the United States of America.
Q:How do I track my package after the store ships the package?
A:Please track your package using the package tracking information in the confirmation email sent by the store and logging in to the relevant website of the delivery companies.
Q:What should I do if I’m not at home when the package arrives?
A:In absence of someone to receive the package, most delivery companies will leave a delivery slip in your mailbox. Please contact the company to arrange for another delivery, or the package may be returned to the sender. Please contact the delivery company directly for more details.
Q:Are all products sold on the Rakuten Global Market eligible for delivery to my country?
A:No, please refer to the relevant laws and regulations of your country.

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Campaign Rules

To qualify for this promotion, your Order must comply with the following criteria:

The total amount purchased must exceed 12,000 Japanese yen (for your reference, 100 Japanese yen is approximately US$1.00.), and must be purchased within the Campaign Period, in a single order, from a single participating store, during the campaign period. The list of participating stores are displayed on the campaign home page.
The shipping fee of the package must be less than 4,500 Japanese yen (approximately US$45.00). 4,500 Japanese yen is equivalent to a non-oversize package that is less than 2kg. Any shipping fees in excess of 4,500 Japanese yen shall be borne by the buyer.
Click here to learn how to choose EMS shipping
You must select EMS shipping as the delivery method, and the designated shipping address must be within the United States of America.
The campaign period runs from 10:00 a.m. on 11th October, 2016 to 9:59 a.m. on 20th October, 2016 (Japan standard time)

Friendly tip: The price of the products displayed, and the free shipping provided as part of this campaign does not include any customs duty and import taxes that may be imposed by your importing country. While shopping, please take note of any applicable customs tax policies. For Customers residing in the USA, please take note that your taxation policies have recently be adjusted.
>For more information, please refer to:

Please take note:

Each shop has its own cancellation policy. Please confirm the policy of the particular shop before you make an order. Please also note that once the product has been shipped out, you may have to bear the shipping fee and any other relevant cost if the cancellation is not due to any reasons owing to the Merchant. This is not withstanding this ‘free shipping’ campaign.
Orders must be shipped directly overseas. Any orders with a Japanese shipping address (including any orders to be shipped to any freight forwarding services such as do not qualify participate in this campaign.
Each order must originate from a single store; you may not combine purchases from multiple stores into a single order. All stores participating in this campaign are listed on the campaign home page. Please confirm before making your purchases.
Multiple orders cannot be combined. In addition, their individual amounts may not considered together as one order.
A single order refers to orders with the same order number. The order number is displayed on the website after each purchase is made.
The amount spent excludes any shipping fees or packaging fees.
Choosing other shipping options aside from EMS will incur international shipping costs.
If you have placed an order, but it does not meet the criterion of this campaign, individual stores may contact you via email to allow you to alter your order. Please check with the store itself.
If Rakuten Global Market determines that any order is abusing the current campaign, your account may be barred from participating in the campaign any further.
The terms and conditions or period of this campaign is subject to change via notice from Rakuten Global Market.
If any order includes pre-ordered items, only pre-ordered items that can be sent out before 18th November 2016 (JST) are eligible for this campaign.
Any references to the US dollar (US$) in this campaign is only meant for your ease of reference. The campaign qualifying criteria shall be solely based on the provided Japanese yen amounts.
For more information about Rakuten Global Market, please refer to our shopping guide.
Rakuten Global Market reserves the right to change the terms of these campaign, or to halt this campaign at any time, without notice.