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Nowhere else in the World has the original spirit of American Jeans been celebrated and maintained than in Japan. Many infamous denim artisans such as Samurai Jeans, Momotaro Jeans, and EDWIN have seen their popularity blossom on a global scale. The small coastal town of Kojima in the Okayama Prefecture remains the holy land of Japanese Denim, where artisan weavers continue to practice traditional techniques. These jeans are often hand-made, utilizing the highest quality materials and preserving the rich heritage of denim.
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About Japan Jeans

  • Japanese Jeans were first manufactured in the town of Kojima, in the Okayama Prefecture. Pioneer Jeans Makers such as Big John and Evisu brought in the finest cotton, which was then spun on traditional looms to create superior quality threads. The cloth was then dyed using only natural indigo, giving the fabric an unbelievably pure appearance.

    Born form time-honored Japanese craftsmanship and the heritage of classic American work-wear, Japanese Denim excellence lives on today in the workshops and looms of Kojima.

  • Many Japanese Denim brands are inspired by the original American Jeans brand, Levi Strauss & Co. To this day the Levi’s 501 and Levi’s 501XX remain the benchmark of Blue Jean manufacturing.

    Japanese Jeans brands are renowned for their commitment to recreating the traditional textures and styles of these original American Blue Jeans. The ultimate joy of owning a pair of meticulously crafted Japanese Denim Jeans is leaving your own unique, custom mark as the fabric and indigo dye ages over the weeks, months and years.

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