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Available until August 10, 2016 9:59AM(JST)
Applicable for orders made at a single shop over 5,000 JPY
Copy & Paste the above code in the Coupon Area at checkout

How to use the coupon


The benefit of the promotion
500 JPY (Japanese Yen) COUPON: For an order with a purchase more than 5,000 JPY from a single shop.
Click here to learn how to use Coupons!
* Each user can use the same coupon code up to 5 times (i.e. on 5 different orders)
* Actual amount of discount is in Japanese Yen
Campaign period
2016/08/03 10:00 AM - 2016/08/10 9:59 AM (JST1)
Coupon Restriction
* Coupon code is valid only if a single order exceeds the threshold (single order = an order with the same order number from the same shop)
* Threshold amount (5,000 JPY for the 500 JPY coupon) is the original purchase amount before applying other benefits such as Rakuten Super Points
* Purchase amount does not include shipping, wrapping or import duties (if any)
* If an order with an applied coupon is cancelled after the coupon validity expires, you would not have that coupon usage restored
* You must be a registered Rakuten Member in order to use the coupon (register here for free)
* To qualify for the coupon benefit, your order must be shipped to an overseas address (outside of Japan) using International Shipping (orders to destinations within Japan may be cancelled). Addresses within Japan provided by forwarding companies and other such services are not eligible.
* There is a limit on the number of coupons issued (i.e. first come first served basis)
How to purchase in Rakuten Global Market
1. Search the product you want (you could enter the product name in the search box in Japanese if you cannot find the match result in your language)
2. Add items to the Cart (some items require you to choose the color, size, etc. before you can add items to the shopping cart)
3. Checkout the items (you can use the coupon as well as points if you have any) 
4. After completing the checkout process, you will first receive an automatic email from the system immediately (the transaction is not complete yet. This is NOT an order confirmation. but an email informing you that your request had been sent to the shop. No need to reply)
5. You need to REPLY to the second email sent by the shop to confirm your order  
The email will include the final amount you need to pay (purchase amount + shipping fee)
If you do not reply the second email in time, your order may be canceled by the shop.
* Click here for more details on payment methods
* Click here for more details on shipping rate and methods
* Click here for more details on how to shop
* Click here for more details on return and cancellation policy
Rakuten reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is ineligible or is judged to have participated unfairly in this promotion or have violated the terms and conditions of this promotion.
Rakuten Super Points cannot be used to pay shipping fees. 
This promotion may be changed, stopped or terminated by Rakuten Global Market without any prior notification.
1 All dates and times are according to Japan Standard Time (JST).
2 1 Rakuten Super Point is equivalent to 1 Japanese Yen (learn more about Rakuten Points here).
How to use the coupon

How to use the coupon1

How to use the coupon2

How to use the coupon1

In the checkout “Review” page, click the “Edit” button underneath “Coupon”


How to use the coupon2

Scroll down and enter the coupon code in the coupon section
towards the bottom of the page. Then click “Apply”.