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New Members Only! Earn 500 Super Points on Purchase over 5,000 JPY Ends November 19th, 9:59 AM (JST)

500 point SUPER POINT 500(JPY) $5 31(CNY) ₩5,443 * Currency exchange is for reference only and is subject to change without notice.

Rakuten members who are participating in this campaign will be receiving email magazines titled “Rakuten International Shipping Services News” from Rakuten Global Market. The email magazines will be sent to the email addresses (PC and/or Mobile) registered in the Rakuten member profile.

  • Step 1: Register for a first-time Rakuten Membership
  • Step 2: Enter the campaign
  • Step 3: Purchase 5,000 JPY or more with International Shipping

Spend 5,000 yen or more and New Members earn 500 Super Points

What is the duration of the promotion?

From November 5th (Tue) 10:00AM until November 19th (Tue) 9:59 AM
All dates and times are according to Japan Standard Time

What is the benefit of this promotion?

- New customers receive 500 points when they spend 5,000 JPY or more during the promotion
- By entering this campaign, you consent to receiving e-newsletters sent from Rakuten Global market to your registered e-mail address

Bonus Rakuten Super Points?

Bonus Rakuten Super Points are time limited Super points. Bonus points will be awarded around January 20th, 2014 and will expire February 20th, 2014
- Please make sure to spend Bonus Rakuten Super Points within the allotted time period
- Each user can only receive a maximum of 500 Bonus Rakuten Super Points from the promotion
- Bonus Rakuten Super Points from this Promotion have an expiration date
- For more information regarding Bonus Rakuten Super Points, please check here

Who can benefit from the Promotion?

Participants must be registered members of Rakuten and enter the Promotion
- This Promotion is application-based. You must click the "Click to Enter" button to participate
- You can enter before or after a purchase as long as the purchase and the entry are both made within the promotion period
- You must be a registered Rakuten member to partipate in this promotion. Registration is free
- Only purchases made during the promotion period are applicable
- Purchases must be shipped to an overseas address using International Shipping (outside of Japan)
- Orders through Forwarding or Proxy services (such as Tenso.com or vPOST) are not eligible for this promotion
- We will not grant points for cancelled order or items. Please kindly understand

Which services are part of this promotion?

- Cumulative purchases over 5,000 JPY qualify for this promotion
- Items must cost at least 100 JPY to be counted towards this promotion
- Shipping costs, gift wrapping fees, and import duties (if any) will not be counted as a part of the purchase amount.
- Any out-of-stock products or order cancellations will not be counted as a part of the purchase amount.
- Some shops may not provide international shipping to certain destination countries. In those instances, please contact the merchant directly for more information

Choosing "International Shipping"?

- To check whether the shipment is set to "International," you may:
- Check "Purchase Details" (Purchase Details) from "Purchase History" (Purchase History). If the shipping destination is set to "international," then the purchase will be taken into account
- From the Japanese language site, check "Shipping Information" from STEP 4 of the purchase page
- From the English language site, you must choose "Rakuten International Shipping Services" in "2. Shipping options" of STEP 3 during checkout and enter a delivery address outside of Japan written in English
- Check the purchase confirmation e-mail (e-mail sent automatically upon completion of order)
- Purchases sent to a Japanese address will not qualify, even if "Rakuten International Shipping Services" is chosen in the "Shipping Options"
- To change shipping address after ordering, please contact the merchant directly


- Point usage is limited to a maximum of 100,000 points a month
- Upon usage of the awarded Rakuten Super Points, if any cancellation or changes in the order amount occurs after the expiration date, your Rakuten Super Points will not be refunded.
- We will send you an e-mail reminder to your registered e-mail account when the bonus points have been credited to your account.

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