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    Elastic, strong tape tape adhesion. In Kendo industry known as known as "baked theme', as used in the protection of the back foot. ( 5.1 cm length 4.6 m )
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    USD6.84 (¥799)
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    [Kendo supporters] is a popular staple, kendo for supporters and ankle. Each of the left and right leg, leather soles and canvas bottom.
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    This is Kendo for tabi. For the legs, 2 colors of Navy Blue and white.
    USD33.74 (¥3,942)
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    Kendo armor, kendo equipment odor protection. Is the classic alcohol based deodorant spray. With frequent use, let's fight odor. Deals include 3 book set.
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    USD9.24 (¥1,080)
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