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About the TOMODACHI Initiative

Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders in Japan and the U.S.

The initiative will invest in the next generation of leaders in Japan and the U.S. through private-public partnership programs that began with support in the restoration of Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and expanded into the fields of education, cultural exchanges, and leadership

It aims to foster young leaders of the “TOMODACHI generation” in Japan and the U.S., with mutual understanding for each other’s country and culture, who are able to contribute to a more cooperative, prosperous, and safe world, and will have global skills combined with international perspectives necessary for succeeding in such a world.

Rakuten has been taking part in this initiative as a sponsor since 2013, and has provided support to the various programs.

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About the Activities to Date

Music Exchange between Fukushima University Students and New York Students

Exchange between Fukushima Students and Local Students through Music
“The Power of Music”

Specially chosen university students from Fukushima Prefecture, one of the hardest hit areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and performers from the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra visited a music school in New York to take part in an exchange program with local high school students involving music.

Western music was first introduced to Japan a century ago. The students from Japan introduced traditional Japanese music, and both sides had the chance to fuse the two forms of music.

On this day, elementary and junior high school students from the Special Music School used flutes, percussion instruments, and other Western-style musical instruments to perform Japanese music traditionally played on instruments such as the “shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute).” A music exchange was held for the finale in which all students from Japan and the U.S. took part in a joint performance of Hana wa Saku (Flowers Will Bloom), the charity song for the Great East Japan Earthquake, with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

■Time and Date: 1:15 P.M. to 2:15 P.M.
※Local timeMonday, March 10, 2014
■Venue: Merkin Concert Hall, Special Music School
(129 W 67th St, New York, NY)
■Sponsor: TTOMODACHI Initiative
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra: 5 performers
University students in Fukushima Prefecture: 5 students
Special Music School: 13 students

American Baseball Player Boys Enjoy Exchanges with Rakuten Eagles Players!

14 baseball player boys of San Diego in the U.S. were invited to visit Kobosta Miyagi through the “TOMODACHI Initiative.”

They were taken on a tour of Kobosta Miyagi before a game, bringing lots of smiles to their faces.

■Time and Date: August 2, 2014
■Venue: Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi

TOMODACHI High School Girls Career Mentoring Program

The “TOMODACHI High School Girls Career Mentoring Program” is a career support program for 2nd year high school girls living in Fukushima Prefecture. It aims to foster next-generation leaders by expanding girls’ views of their future through sessions with students from abroad and adult women in the workforce.

Sessions were held at Yoyogi in Tokyo by 24 older women workers, three from each of the eight strategic partner companies of TOMODACHI.

The women gave talks about the roles played by companies in society, and what they have learned through the experience of working, in addition to background information on their lives. They all had messages to convey to the high school students as fellow women.

■Time and Date: December 20 and 21, 2014
■Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center

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