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Pro Sports Activities

The Rakuten Group’s social mission is to empower people and society (through the Internet) and transform and enrich society through its own success. We have actively developed business operations that transform industries, including Rakuten Ichiba, Japan's largest Internet shopping mall.

At the same time, we want to help convey the vitality and entertainment value of sports to even more people and help enrich society that much more. For this reason, we started the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, the first new team in Japanese professional baseball in fifty years, through Rakuten Baseball, Inc. We have also worked to promote sports by co-sponsoring Vissel Kobe, the Rakuten LPGA SKINS GAME, the Rakuten Open and various other Pro Sports Activities and events.

The Rakuten Group will continue to promote all sports with the hope of further enriching people's lives, both mentally and physically.

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

The Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, the first new team in Japanese professional baseball in fifty years, abides by the principles stated in Rakuten’s Five Principles for Success in addition to its own philosophy, which reads: "The Baseball Entertainment Company-We are a ball club that creates thrills and inspires dreams through the game of baseball."

Guided by this philosophy, the ball club wants people of all generations to experience the thrill and excitement of baseball, which has long captivated Japanese people. It is also working to create a new baseball culture in which fans not only come to the stadium to watch the games, but also get to participate in various fun activities at the ballpark.

As a professional baseball team in the Tohoku region, the Rakuten Eagles continue to evolve every year with the enthusiastic support of local fans.

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◆CSR Activities by Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
    “Rakuten Mobile Library” appeared in the game in Fukushima!
At the game on 29th July, 2014, held at the Koriyama Kaiseizan Baseball Stadium in Fukushima, “Rakuten Mobile Library” was corroborated. Children who visited the game was also enjoying the view of this, together with Clutch and Clutchena.

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    “American baseball boys enjoyed exchanges with Rakuten Eagles players!
On August 2, 2014 , 14 baseball boys of the United States San Diego who received the invitation from a public-private partnership “TOMODACHI Initiative” that aims to nurture the next generation of leaders of Japan and the United States, visited Kobosta Miyagi. It also performs exchanges with athletes and tours of Kobosta Miyagi before the game, a lot of smile was born.
◆CSR Activities by Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
    “Ganbaro (Send Cheer to) Tohoku Day” was held at Kobo Stadium!
The third “Ganbaro (Cheer up) Tohoku Day” was held at the game with Saitama Seibu Lions at Kobo Stadium on September 27th, 2014.
We made the ceremonies to broaden the big flag and some various events with people those invited from the stricken areas of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, prior to the day, also a variety of events such as baseball classes for families were offered in the six prefectures of Tohoku region.
This activity expressed high spirits’ with citizens’ promise “Cheer up Tohoku” to unit and progress.

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Vissel Kobe

Vissel Kobe has crafted a club identity statement, "For the Happiness of Everyone Involved in Vissel," and on this basis strives to contribute to the local community through soccer, improve soccer skills locally, and be a sports club that is respected around the world.

With a spirit captured by the slogan "Kobe Forever Forward," which calls on the team's home city of Kobe and all the team's supporters to keep moving forward without ever stopping, the team has continued to grow in step with the city. The Rakuten Group endorses Vissel Kobe's club identity statement and has supported the team since 2004 with the goal of helping to promote soccer, which is loved by people of all ages.

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Commemorating our tenth anniversary, the Rakuten Group held The Rakuten LPGA SKINS GAME*, an event sanctioned by the USLPGA. Four of the world's top women golfers competed in the event, which was held for two years starting in 2007.

In 2007, this dream competition featured Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, and Ai Miyazato, while in 2008, Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer and Ai Miyazato were joined by Momoko Ueda.

*In the SKINS GAME, prize money is allotted to each hole and the player with the best score on that hole takes the prize. If the best score on a hole is shared by multiple players, the prize money for that hole is added to the prize for the next hole. (A playoff is held if there is prize money remaining after all 18 holes are played.)



Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships

As a part of the Rakuten Group's efforts to promote sports, we lent our support to the Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships 2009, a Japan-based open event and the country's largest tennis tournament. The Rakuten Open brought together the world's top tennis players and featured a week's worth of heated competition.

The event was well attended by many tennis fans, who got the opportunity to witness world-class tennis in all its drama and tension up close, making the tournament a rousing success.

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