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Bringing the Power of Nature into People's Lives: Rakuten Energy

Effective energy use made possible by balancing demand and supply, with the addition of renewable energy sources.

Our modern society is dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Since the Fukushima nuclear reactor accident in 2011, Rakuten has been investigating ways and means to mitigate the situation. In July 2012, Rakuten launched Rakuten Solar, a high quality, low-cost solar power system and lithiumbased battery system sales service aimed at consumers for home use.

Rakuten has been involved in energy conservation and alternative energy proposals and solutions with partner companies as well as with local governments. In July 2013, Rakuten announced the launch of its new energy services company, Rakuten Energy.

Rakuten Energy consists of three business units: Renewable Energy Business, Energy Solutions Business, and the Power Supply Business. Rakuten Energy's charter will be to pursue environmentally responsible energy solutions for our future.

Rakuten is involved in Fukushima Prefecture's Initiative to Promote Solar Power Generation project.

Rakuten Energy has been chosen to run proof-of-concept projects in conjunction with Fukushima Prefecture's "Fiscal 2012 Reconstruction Initiative to Promote the Spread of Solar Power Generation for Residential Use." The company will establish a project to demonstrate a new business model for promoting the spread of household solar power generation throughout Fukushima Prefecture.

In cooperation with participating corporations and facilities, Rakuten will seek to provide support for households' solar power system adoption, with savings from more efficient use of electricity and energy by these corporations and facilities. Rakuten will utilize its position of strength in the marketplace to support these endeavors.

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