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Being the home ground of the Rakuten Golden Eagles, the Tohoku area is a place deeply related to our company. We have been conducting different activities to support the people and as a year has passed by we feel strongly that “We Need to Continue Supporting the Activities in Tohoku”. In reflecting what we have done so far, we have put together a video of the activities that we have done throughout the year,

Creating Value to Society through our Main Businesses

Rakuten Social Responsibility Project

The business that we conduct is starting to become a vital part of the society’s infrastructure. Reminding ourselves that continuing our business itself is our social obligation, along with the global environment issues, we like to focus on four themes, with the revival of Tohoku as being one of them. In addition we would like to share the current situation of these initiatives with our stakeholders and also continue to encourage the individuality of each of our employees.

>>Rakuten Social Responsibility Project


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