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Rakuten Auction’s ‘System of Recycling Items for others to Cherish’ and Charity Programs

Bringing the ‘System of Recycling Items for others to Cherish’ to a Greater Number of People

The concept behind internet auctions is that buyers pay what they consider to be acceptable prices to obtain things that are unwanted by sellers - a system of recycling unneeded items so they can be valued by others. In November 2006, Rakuten Auction, Inc. launched Internet auctions on a platform entirely different from prior online auctions in in order to enable a greater number of people to utilize this system.

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“Rakuten Safe Auction Service” Provides Reassurance and Safety!

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Rakuten Auction was designed around the concept of ‘safety and security,’ with the goal of offering a Net auction service accessible to anyone with a PC or cellphone. We have deployed ‘Rakuten Safe Auction Service,’ an escrow service mediating all online auctions. Users who feel anxious about Net auctions, wondering such things as, “Will I really receive the product I purchased?,” “Will I really get paid for a product sold on the Net?,” “I might get a product different from what is shown in the photo on the auction site,” or “Personal information provided for an auction may be abused,” can rest at ease thanks to Rakuten Safe Auction Service.

Under this secure settlement service, the winning bidder makes payment to Rakuten Auction and the payment is advanced to the seller only after the winning bidder confirms that the product has been delivered. This helps eliminate non-delivery of goods paid for, and enables the buyer to make a final decision on his or her purchase after seeing the actual product. Additionally, because the seller ships the product only after confirming the winning bidder’s payment to Rakuten Auction by the, he or she does not have to worry about non-payment after the product has been shipped.

Rakuten Auction also offers an anonymous delivery service, allowing users additional ‘safety and security.’ With anonymous delivery, users can participate in Net auctions without disclosing personal information such as their names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.

Rakuten Auction is making continued efforts to improve its systems and services, enhancing the convenience of users and achieving a broader permeation of Net auctions into society.

Charity Activities

With the cooperation of athletes, TV personalities, and other prominent figures, Rakuten Auction regularly holds charity auctions supporting a variety of causes. Rakuten Auction donates the proceeds from these auctions, collected through the goodwill of generous customers, to recipient charitable organizations.

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Charity Auction Proceeds
2006 ¥1,407,340
2007 ¥49,285,371
2008 ¥32,329,940
2009 ¥17,178,966
2010 ¥44,229,534
2011 ¥123,190,445

※ The above amounts show the sum of bids accepted in charity auctions in each year.

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