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Company's Mission Contributing to Society through our Main Business Operations

Through our business operations to date, Rakuten has developed strong relationships with many people including service users, Rakuten shop owners, hotel owners, and municipal governments. Rakuten considers it our responsibility to provide more personal and direct forms of reconstruction support to those in need, and to continue providing our services under all kinds of situations. We aim to be a corporation that creates value to society through our main businesses.

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles: Community Outreach Programs - “Turning Spectators into Participants”
This project works to create a participatory culture in which fans normally involved in just watching the games become active participants. The Golden Eagles have set up a volunteer program that is the first such program established by a professional baseball team. A large number of fans are actively involved in its management as well as interactions with future fans.
Rakuten Auction’s ‘System of Recycling Items for others to Cherish’ and Charity Programs
Rakuten Auction is making continued efforts to improve its systems and services to enhance the convenience of users for a wider penetration of Net auctions into society. And other prominent figures, Rakuten Auction is holding charity auctions to promote donations to a wide variety of organizations.
Rakuten Bank: Social Contributions
Rakuten Bank engages in range of fundraising activities for emergency relief and other causes in order to fulfill its social responsibilities through its core business. The bank is also involved in building schools overseas so children will have a place to learn.
Empower Japan! Project “Machi-Raku”
Under the concept of “Empowerment” pursued since the opening of Rakuten Ichiba, the biggest online shopping site in Japan, we have been promoting “Empower Japan! Project ‘Machi-Raku’” in cooperation with municipalities around Japan. The project is designed to revitalize regions through Internet services. By sharing interesting seasonal information on the attractions of various regions with people who visit there, live there, and care about the region, and also by partnering with some local governments, we promote the idea of utilizing the Internet for further regional development.
Helping Japanese Retailers Expand into Indonesia
Product exhibition held and internet shopping project started in Indonesia as part of the overseas expansion promotion project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the "Cool Japan Strategy Program."
  • Cooperation with NPOs and NGOs
  • Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders: Rakuten x TOMODACHI Initiative

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