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Our Social Contribution Activities

Ever since we established our Company, we have developed our business with a sense of mission, using the fundamental “fairness” of the Internet to enrich people’s lives and society. The Group fulfills that mission through its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, working to respond to societal issues. Through our projects, we expand and continue activities to find solutions to substantial social issues through connections to all of the people who are involved with Rakuten Group.

Rakuten IT School
Providing practical work experience to future generations of leaders
Rakuten Mobile Library
An environment to become familiar with books near children
Rakuten Clutch's Special Charity Fund
Enabling people to donate to a wide variety of causes made more convenient
Rakuten Children’s Music Festival
Music connects the world
Rakuten's Forest
Reforestation in Japan With Rakuten and You
Rakuten Santa Project
Christmas presents for all children living in foster homes
Challenge Forever
Enrich the mind in the excitement of sports
Rakuten Green Tour in U.S.
We support to protect nature across the country
Rakuten x TOMODACHI Initiatives
Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders
Uniting the World through the Power of Music
Music Exchange involving Students from Fukushima and NY

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