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Event Proceedings

Music Exchange involving Students from Fukushima and New York
The TOMODACHI Project organized an opportunity for specially selected students from Fukushima Prefecture, one of the hardest hit areas in Japan’s earthquake and tsunami from 2011, and up-and-coming performers from the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra to visit a music school in New York to take part in an exchange program with local high school students involving music. Classical music was first introduced to Japan a century ago. During the event the students from Japan introduced traditional Japanese music and both sides had the chance to combine both Japanese and Western music.

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra 2014 World Tour New York Concert
Commemorative Exchange Program – TOMODACHI Project – The Power of Music
Sponsor TOMODACHI Initiative
Date & Time 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm, Monday, March 10, 2014 *Local time
Venue Merkin Concert Hall, Special Music School
(129 W 67th St, New York, NY)
Participants Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra: 5 performers
Students attending university in Fukushima Prefecture: 5 students
Special Music School: 13 students
Details An exchange program involving music organized for students from Fukushima Prefecture and students from New York called
"The Power of Music"

An exchange program involving music organized for students from Fukushima Prefecture and students from New York called

    「Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra World Tour 2014」 performance schedule

Rakuten’s Support for the Next Generation and the Earthquake Recovery Effort through Music

Empowering the Next Generation of Youth with the Power of Music
Rakuten is an official supplier of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Through this relationship Rakuten is working to empower children and youth engaged in music by helping to connect music and its universal worldwide value to the next generation.

Previous Initiatives

  • Children's Chorus at the Tokyo Dome
    Children from Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture were invited to Tokyo Dome to attend the Rakuten Golden Eagles and Nippon Ham Fighters professional baseball game on Rakuten Day. As a pre-game event, the children led an orchestra that sang a cover of Japanese pop group Arashi’s hit song Furusato to show their love for their hometown of Soma, and to tell the rest of Japan that the disaster-affected areas are doing well.
  • Used Instrument Donations for Children in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture
    A total of 25 mainly stringed instruments were received from Rakuten users to be donated to children in need. Merchants on Rakuten Ichiba that carry musical instruments also lent a helping hand in spreading the word about the call for these donations. All of the 25 used instruments donated were delivered to children that are part of the Soma Children’s Orchestra.
  • Rakuten Children’s Music Festival involving 475 Elementary, Junior High School and High School Students from Fukushima Prefecture
    With the support of the Fukushima Prefecture Board of Education and Fukushima City Board of Education, the Rakuten Children’s Music Festival sponsored by Rakuten was held on December 26, 2013. A total of 17 participating groups delivered a host of different performances that included orchestra, choir, and dance. For the finale, the performers and audience sang Furusato together.

Activities Go International

Rakuten has organized a number of activities including a children’s orchestra performance at Tokyo Dome, collecting used instruments for donations to children in need, and sponsoring the Rakuten Children’s Music Festival involving 475 children from Fukushima Prefecture. Music not only enriches the minds of people that play it, but also helps to foster a fellowship among performers. By expanding the stage of such musical performances to venues outside of Japan, Rakuten hopes to foster exchange with people from different communities and create new value together with the next generation.

- Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra 2014 World Tour New York Concert
    performed ‘Hana wa Saku’ (Flowers Will Bloom) in each country


The TOMODACHI Initiative
A partnership born out of assistance for reconstruction in Japan following the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster between government and the private sector. Its aim is to invest in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through education, cultural exchange, and leadership programs. Led by the United States government and the US-Japan Council public interest corporation, the Tomodachi Initiative receives financial support from the Japanese government, US and Japanese businesses, organizations and individuals. Rakuten has been a sponsor of the organization since 2013 and supports all of its programs.
The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
An orchestra of proud history and tradition established in 1911, making it the oldest in Japan. With approximately 150 members, it is able to serve both as a symphony orchestra and a dramatic orchestra. In addition to its efforts to popularize classical music with independent performances such as its “Subscription concerts” “Afternoon concerts” and the &ldPower of Music for Kids & Family” concerts, it is a familiar presence for music fans nationwide with its high-level performances and diverse educational activities. These include performing operas and ballets as the regular orchestra at the New National Theatre, Tokyo, the New Year Opera Concert, FM Symphony Concert and Meikyoku Album programs for NHK, the “Untitled Concert” and the “Tokyu Silvester Concert.” Rakuten’s Hiroshi Mikitani was appointed Chairman of the Board in 2011.
The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

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