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Rakuten Books: Eco-Friendly Packaging

Rakuten Books is striving to reduce our environmental impact by using packaging designed to protect customer merchandise while reducing paper consumption. Rakuten Books is committed to waste reduction, focusing on conserving resources from the manufacturing stage.

Rakuten Books has been actively involved in eco-activities since its launch in 2000. One way it has reduced its environmental footprint is by using eco-friendly material materials, such as recycled cardboard, for packaging. Such packaging benefits customers by protecting their merchandise while reducing the amount of waste left over for them to dispose of after receiving their orders.

Rakuten Books is also working to conserve resources in the manufacturing of packing materials. We have accomplished this by reducing the amount of paper used in packaging, as well as reducing the amount of labor involved in manufacturing by using unbleached paper and utilizing the natural brown color of the cardboard.

Furthermore, the appropriate form of packaging is determined separately for each order to avoid a mismatch in size. Each order is wrapped tightly, eliminating extra space and the need for cushioning.

Swtiching from bleached cardboard and colored ink to unbleached cardboard and black ink.

Packaging to Reduce Waste and Protect Merchandise

Rakuten Books uses two main types of eco-packaging, "craft" packaging and "twist" packaging. The company has made a variety of improvements to both types while remaining constantly aware of the need to reduce waste while protecting the product.

Craft Packaging: Reducing the Most Waste
Craft packaging is the type of packaging most frequently used by Rakuten Books and the type most effective at reducing waste. It can be disposed of as burnable trash, torn up easily by hand, and the cushioning material on the inside is made of burnable plastic. Craft packaging is cut to match the size of the order, creating a perfectly-sized pouch to protect merchandise.

Twist Packaging: Wrapping up Orders
After craft packaging, the most frequently used packaging method at Rakuten Books is twist packaging. Twist packaging wraps around an order like cloth, enabling the size of the package to be altered depending on the size of the order. Each order is wrapped by hand in order to ensure the amount of packaging matches the size of the items. The wrap method eliminates the need for cushioning material to fill in gaps between items and the packaging material, and is air tight to prevent items from damage.

As our business grows and shipments increase, Rakuten Books will continue to look for ways to improve packaging, reduce our environmental footprint, and meet the expectations of our customers.

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