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Education is entertainment! Starting from Dec 2012, we have started the Rakuten Mobile Library to deliver books to the children of Fukushima

How we came to start the “Rakuten Mobile Library”

Fukushima prefecture is very aggressive toward raising the reading level of the younger generation. We would like to participate in providing more opportunities for the children in Fukushima to learn new things. We would continue this activity throughout the year.

Special Edition: Rakuten Books X Rakuten Tasukeai (Love and Aid)

  • We are conducting the special Tasukeai activity NOW!

    We are awaiting your warm support for this activity. We are running survey’s at the locations that we stop around Fukushima, we occasionally add new books due to this request.
  • 楽天ブックス×Tasukeai
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【Running NOW!】
At the “Rakuten Mobile Library” we are preparing many pictorial books for kids to learn new knowledge, we seek for your cooperation to provide books for these kids.

【Project in December】
From kids to young adults, we have prepared a variety of books from picture books to comics. If you want to look at the details please view this page.

About “Rakuten Tasuke Ai”

The Rakuten Taskue Ai program, initiated soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake, provided the opportunity for volunteers to purchase items required by people in the disaster area from the Rakuten Market Shop at non-profit prices. Rakuten then sent the items to the disaster area on the purchaser's behalf.

This program, which ended in March 2012, collected 68,982 items (worth approximately one hundred million yen) over 54 cycles.

Beginning in the summer of 2012, Rakuten resurrected the program for donation of books to children in the disaster area as a special project in line with Rakuten's corporate social responsibility (CSR) model. Thanks to the cooperation of Rakuten customers, we are able to send books that foster children's creativity and in December 2012 we directed those resources to supporting the “Rakuten Traveling Library” that brings books to people throughout Fukushima.

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    “Rakuten Mobile Library”
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  • “Rakuten Mobile Library” applies it in cooperation with various services of the Rakuten group.

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