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Management Initiatives Aiming to be a Company that Empowers People and Society

Employee Relations Diversity Initiatives

Rights of All Employees

All employees of the Rakuten Group are provided an equal oppotunity. This approach is reflected in the percentage of women in management positions. Approximately 40% of our employees are women, and women occupy 17.1% of management positions (including executive posts), a high level compared to the nationwide private-sector average of 8%. The ratio is evidence of the active role played by women at the Rakuten Group. (Data as of January 2011.)



The Ladies Board Project was started in 2006 to help the women at Rakuten reach their full potential. Regular meetings are held between female employees and the CEO and other executives to discuss new ways of working at Rakuten Group. When the project was initially launched, it focused on supporting the activites of female employees , but it has now become a format for discussing ideas on creating a cooperative workplace for both men and women.

One activity of the Ladies Board Project is issuing LINK, a special internal newsletter that shines the spotlight on female employees. Through interviews and other features, the newsletter makes proposals for ways of working that allow women to pursue their careers through every stage of life. It conveys information on balancing a career at a progressive company with private life at its various stages, including marriage, birth and child-raising.

Employing People with Disabilities: A Company Where People Who Want to Work Can Work

Rakuten Sociobusiness, Inc. was founded in 2007 primarily to provide a working environment for people with disabilities. Sociobusiness conducts a variety of tasks typical of an Internet company, including data maintenance, handling of inquires related to company computers and website management, with the goal of facilitating employee economic and social independence. The company plays an important, behind-the-scenes role that supports the Rakuten Group.

The company's business extends to management tasks such as hiring and administrative planning, and employees are provided chances to expand their job scope depending on their performance. With many employees actively engaged in work at Sociobusiness, our employment ratio for people with disabilities is 1.9% (as of August 2009), above the legal requirement of 1.8%.

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