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Employee Relations Rakuten Awards

Employees of the Rakuten Group, which began as a startup venture, perform their jobs brimming with a spirit of thoroughness and innovation. This spirit has no relation to gender, age, experience, operational position, job responsibilities or different working formats. All employees are given an equal chance and have grown based on the concept of diversity, which has been valued since the very beginning of Rakuten. The Rakuten Group has a corporate culture that recognizes professional capability and provides new challenges to people who can "Get Things Done," meaning accomplishing goals using a variety of means.
We also have a culture that respects people who have performed exceptionally well, and have awards programs that honor such individuals in front of all employees. Specifically, the Rakuten Award is given to employees who perform exceptionally well or deliver exceptional results for the month, and an idea contest recognizes people who have proposed outstanding new businesses brimming with the spirit of innovation.

Rakuten Awards are determined by the CEO and other executives through a strict selection process. Awards are presented at morning meetings, in which all employees participate, and, as a secondary prize, the employee's activities are honored at a dinner held with the CEO and executives. Employees generating impressive results and employees with a track record of outstanding performance are recognized in The Weekly Rakuten, an internal website of the Group, which is accessed by all employees.

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