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Basic Principles

Empower Japan. Empower the World.

From the day Rakuten was founded, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering people and society through the Internet. This principle has driven the growth and development of our business, and is reflected in our efforts to empower Japan and the world through our activities. Our commitment to making contributions to society is our most important value and will remain a fundamental and unchanging aspect of Rakuten's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

All Rakuten Group employees, in Japan as well as overseas, adhere to this philosophy and work to realize the ideal of a sustainable society by implementing it in all their activities.

  • To empower people and society through the Internet, and to transform and enrich society through its own success
  • ・To contribute to the innovation and evolution of society and create a better world by developing oneself and delivering performance
  • ・To embrace the Group Brand Concepts
  • ・To commit to empower business partners and colleagues with a strong belief in the potential of human beings

Brand Concepts

Rakuten's "Empowerment" means to empower people and society. The Company makes use of Internet characteristics that everybody can use fairly and offers opportunities to them by building places where they can interact as equals, thus helping to bring about social change and realize a fair society.

  • On a Mission: EmpowermentOn a Mission: Empowerment

    We believe that the only way for a business to grow over the long term is to contribute to the world so significantly that people can't imagine life without it. Our contribution to the world is empowerment, and our mission is to build a fair society by empowering individuals and companies to be successful in business and in life. The more people we can empower, the more completely we will fulfill this mission.

  • Behave Ethically: IntegrityBehave Ethically: Integrity

    We believe that the means of pursuing a mission are as important as the ends. Rakuten Group is committed to conducting business with honesty, sincerity and dignity; therefore it is critical that all Rakuten Group employees always behave with integrity and honor.

  • Prepare to Succeed: ProfessionalismPrepare to Succeed: Professionalism

    Though we have an important mission, unless we succeed in business we won't be able to contribute to society. To help each of us succeed, Rakuten Group has established the Five Principles for Success. By taking the initiative to prepare thoroughly and execute effectively, and by practicing the Five Principles for Success, we ensure our success.

  • Complete Commitment: Get Things DoneComplete Commitment: Get Things Done

    We face intense competition. The importance of our mission requires us never to give up. When circumstances change, we adjust our plans so that we still accomplish our goals. Through a complete commitment to Get Things Done, we make continuous progress toward achieving that mission.

  • Solidarity: Succeed as a TeamSolidarity: Succeed as a Team

    Members of Rakuten Group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Only when we work together can this diversity become an important source of strength.
    The employees of Rakuten Group form one big team. Through consistent teamwork, each member of our diverse team will realize his or her full potential and our entire organization will succeed.

Five Principles for Success

  1. Always Improve, Always Advance
  2. Passionately Professional
  3. Hypothesize -> Practice -> Validate -> Shikumika
  4. Maximize Customer Satisfaction
  5. Speed!! Speed!! Speed!!

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