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Rakuten Global Scholars

What is “Rakuten Global Scholarship”?

“Rakuten Global Scholars” provides support for high school students to participate in the Global Citizens Summit for Youth**1 (GCSY) program organized by a NPO "GLOBAL CITIZENS INITIATIVE" (GCI) to be held from 2-9 August 2014 at the Harvard Faculty Club in Boston.

Five high school students from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Iran and France have been selected by Rakuten and GCI, and the costs to participate in the program will be covered by Rakuten.
A total of 24 students from around the world will participate in the GCSY, taking part in discussions about the urgent problems faced around the world while developing the skills to solve global issues.

Background and purpose of “Rakuten Global Scholarship”

As part of its CSR efforts, Rakuten has been engaged in various activities for educational development in order to support next generation.
As part of its efforts in educational development, Rakuten will collaborate with both Japanese and International NPOs to provide a scholarship program for both high school and university students.
With the aim of promoting the development of the next generation of leaders, in its international activities which will be the first stage of the program.

Rakuten will collaborate with the Global Citizens Initiative (GCI), an NPO aimed at nurturing global leaders who can tackle the social problems faced today.

And in its domestic activities which make up the second stage of program, Rakuten will collaborate with ETIC., an NPO which produced a number of entrepreneurs through providing practical internship opportunities to university students.

Provision of learning place

Furthermore, the activities of the participants supported by Rakuten and their future activities after the program will be covered in reports on this page. In addition, Rakuten will propose the use of Viber, a messaging application provided by Viber Media, a subsidiary of Rakuten, to the five participants it is supporting to enable communication and the sharing of opinions both inside and outside the classes in the program. Rakuten hopes that the participants of the program will continue to communicate even after the program ends.

Details of the Rakuten Global Scholars Program and the reports on activities can be found at the following site:

1* The Global Citizens Summit for Youth brings a select group of international youth scholars and faculty to the Harvard Faculty Club. During the week-long program, participants investigate the idea of global citizenship and the themes of freedom and fairness in the world today. This rigorous program will continue on after the 8 day summit at Harvard via the GCI virtual platform and community. It is a springboard to a larger world of global learning and inspiration as the GCI youth take action and follow their passion in this ever increasing globalized and digitalized world.


Mr. Alemu
Citizenship: Ethiopia
“The Global Citizen Summit will give me the opportunity to sharpen my leadership skills and speaking abilities as I will actively involve in group discussions and projects. These skills are extremely useful for anyone yarning success. The fact that I’ll have the opportunity to meet many people from various countries is very exhilarating. This is because I get to share their perspectives about the world which results in broadening my knowledge about issues affecting the community an the world as a whole.”

Ms. Kabera
Citizenship: Rwanda
“Globalization has made the world, as a New York Times author said, a ‘flat world.’ It has connected the human community. There has been cultural intermingling, transport means and technology which has incited people all over the world to interact and exchange, viewing themselves not only through their national identity but also as a part of the world as a whole. I believe creation of awareness about global issues like this summit are great steps to globalization. I also believe the introduction of servant leadership, a concept whose core value is to be of service to others through a holistic approach to life and work, can work since it provides a context in which individuals help to improve how we treat those around us.”

Mr. Duval
Citizenship: France
"If it is now impossible to fight against an economic structure that has gone completely out of control, globalization may be a way to educate our peoples on existing alternatives, which they will have to seize and develop themselves. This may be a unique possibility to resolve world-scale probles everybody feels completely defenseless against and can be turned into a very powerful means to gather communities and countries. Despite some differences, which can be used in a positive and progressive way, we have more in common than any leader would care to admit, and it may be the only way out of many international issues."

Mr. Ukaire
Citizenship: Nigeria
"Christians in my society do not interact with their Muslim neighbors." Detesting the lack of communication, Onyinyechi has purposefully and successfully reached out to befriend Muslims in his community. "I synthesized what I leaned from these friendships with my experience at the 2014 African Union Summit in Addis Abada, which redirected my thoughts about African social conflict, and how Africa's multicultural communities cause conflicts. We, Africans can capitalize on our differences in order to build a better continent."

Ms. Telebian
Citizenship: Iran
"I want to create a better world by communicating with people of different cultures. This course exposes me with teenagers around the world who will be future leaders in their own countries. It will enable me to utilize my critical thinking and leadership abilities, which I would like to use to serve others in my community"

Schedule of「Global Citizens Summit for Youth」

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