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Hearts to TOHOKU We will report the “today” of the 3 Tohoku Prefectures, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, through the eyes of our merchants and partners.
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Smiles from Tohoku: Messages from our merchants and partners

Reporting on the status of our partners “today,” who are holding up the Tohoku economy through the various services they provide with the Rakuten Group.

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Enjoying everything Tohoku has to offer! The Tohoku events calendar

Tohoku Area(Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) Event Calender

The events calendar for June

Check out the “seasonal” events of Tohoku.
Stay tuned on the seasonal events held in the 3 prefectures, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima.

The picks from this month’s events


The Tohoku hillsides are now covered with beautiful fresh green foliage and the Oceans turn a deep dark blue. The picture shows the “Gohyakurakan” of Iwate Prefecture Tono City.The 500 reliefs carved into mossy rocks that represent disciples of the Buddha soothe the hearts of people who visit the area.
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Tohoku is fantastic! Report on Tohoku support

[The second“Minna-No Umai Tohoku Caravan (The Delicious Tohoku Caravan for Everyone)” was held in Kamaishi City of Iwate Prefecture!]

  • ■Local Residents Connect Together by Cooking their Local Food
    On Sunday, June 17, a participatory community event was held at the “Minna no ie” in the District 6 temporary housing area in Heita, Kamaishi City of Iwate Prefecture, to promote “the food” of the Tohoku area. As a company deeply connected to Tohoku, in hope of “constantly keeping our thoughts toward the disaster area” we aim to support the revitalization of communities and promote independence of the people who were victimized in the disaster stricken areas.

    Organized by Rakuten.
    Jointly Organized by the Iwate Pref., Kamaishi City, Committee of Heita No.6 shelter, People from Heita, Hosokawa-ryu buyo, Seiko-kai, Heita Kagura Hozon-kai, Ido Shoten, Seiyo Food-Compass Group,Inc, Higashi-Nihon Keizai Kasseika Shien Kiko, and Sanriku Hitotsunagi Nature school.
  • ■Increase Tohoku area fans by connecting community events and the Internet
    Upon our second opportunity, we have asked the residents of the temporary housings to cook “Mamebu Soup” with us. At the same time we have conducted a recipe contest at Rakuten Recipe. We asked our users to share different recipe ideas using “Surume ika”(a type of squid). Since Kamaishi city is very famous for having the best quality of squid in the Kamaishi area. We asked the residents to pick the best recipe from the menus that were sent from the Rakuten receipe users.

    ■Event menu
    1.Hosokawa-style dance performance
    2.Heita Kagura performance
    3.Heita Toramai performance
    4.Eat Mamebu Soup(Local food) and squid together
    5.Recipe contest
    >>What is “Mamebu Soup”? (Japanese only)
    >>Rakuten Recipe
    「Connect and Share the Foods of Tohoku」”Squid Recipe Contest”
  • Meeting with the local people before the event!
    Meeting with the local people
    • Meeting with the local people; Photo1
    • Meeting with the local people; Photo2
    On the previous day of the event, we met with all volunteer members, including people from the temporary housings, NPO’s, and our employee volunteer staff.
    We got along instantly and preparations were made with everyone having a smile on their face.
    Although it was raining the previous day, the mother’s in the temporary housings made the “Teru teru bozu” (A paper doll charm to wish for good weather) to wish for a sunny day and success in the event.
  • The mother’s worked together to make “Mamebu-soup”
    The Mamebu soup is a local dish made in the northern part of Iwate.
    It is a very healthy balanced soup menu with lots of vegetables and rice balls made out of brown sugar and walnuts inside.
    For the people who were not from the northern part of Iwate, it was the first time to see and try the dish, however they took on this challenge by saying “it’s good to challenge new things!!”. Preparations started three weeks before the event, they practiced a couple of times and worked very hard to create the perfect soup. The sweet rice ball matches perfectly with the seaweed and vegetable soup.
    The mother’s and people who came on that day, also exclaimed “delicious!” as well.
    • Mamebu-soup; Photo1
    • Mamebu-soup Photo2
    • Mamebu-soup; Photo3
    • Mamebu-soup Photo4
  • The Rakuten Recipe “Squid Recipe Contest”
    The Rakuten Recipe “Squid Recipe Contest”
    • The Rakuten Recipe  “Squid Recipe Contest”; Photo1
    • The Rakuten Recipe  “Squid Recipe Contest”; Photo2
    • The Rakuten Recipe  “Squid Recipe Contest”; Photo3
    • The Rakuten Recipe  “Squid Recipe Contest”; Photo4
    The Rakuten Recipe 「Connect and Share the Foods of Tohoku」”Squid Recipe Contest” started on June 5th.
    We received more than 100 recipes from the Rakuten recipe users , and with the help of the Rakuten cafeteria staff we were able to narrow it down to 10 recipes. We asked the mothers from the temporary housing to become judges. The mother’s exchanged different opinions among the judging and said “This squid dish looks delicious”, ”This is easy to make!”, and three recipes were chosen.
    The results of the vote were announced by the mother’s and the people who were watching the recipes looked very curious raising voices such as “wow!” and “looks good!”.
  • “Mamebu- Soup” and winning menus from the Rakuten Recipe contest was served at the Rakuten cafeteria
    Every month on the 11th we are conducting the “Cheer Tohoku fair” at the Rakuten Cafeteria.
    In July, we had our 6th Tohoku menu, which was the “Mamebu- soup” that was made at the caravan along with Surumeika rice. Also the “Surumeika and mushroom pasta mixed with soy-sauce rice malt”, and the “Chinese cold noodles assorted with salt rice malt” and the “Okuno-miyako chicken” of Iwate was a very popular menu. We enjoyed these menus, not only in our Tokyo office but the Fukuoka and Osaka branch members also enjoyed these various Tohoku foods.
    Rakuten cafeteria
    • Rakuten cafeteria; Photo1
    • Rakuten cafeteria; Photo2
  • We received power and energy from the local traditional dances
    Get a energy back
    • Get a energy back; Photo1
    • Get a energy back; Photo2
    • Get a energy back; Photo1
    • Get a energy back; Photo2
    After the earthquake, the dancers from traditional dance group in Kamaishi, were not able to hold performances due to respect for the members and their families who have passed away from the Tsunami. Wanting an opportunity to once again dance as they used to, we asked the dancers to perform a show for the people at the temporary housing area.

    They danced along to three traditional dances. The first was the “Hosokawa Ryu(Style) Buyo(Dance)” which the participants of the event danced along with the professional dancers. The next was the “Heita Kagura dance” a sacred dance which takes back it’s origin to 100 years ago, and finally the “Heita Toramai dance” that entertained the participants with its dynamic moves. The dances closed with a huge applause from the audience and some of the professional dancers smiled and cried.
  • What we learned from the Caravan
    It has been a year and three months since the earthquake has occurred, Kaimaishi city still suffers from the consequences of the earthquake and it will take a long time for the city to recover.
    District 6 temporary housing area in Heita, accepts many other evacuees that are not from the Kamaishi city area. We would like to thank all the people who helped us in this event, including the neighborhood community association, local traditional dancers, governments, NPO organizations and student volunteers.

    We hope that this community event will be a start of more communication among the people are living in and around the temporary housing areas.

    >>“Minna-No Umai Tohoku Caravan blog
    What we learned from the Caravan
    • What we learned from the Caravan; Photo1
    • What we learned from the Caravan; Photo2
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