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Rakuten Securities: Environmental Initiatives

In order to fulfill its responsibility to society as an Internet securities company, Rakuten Securities has launched a variety of environmental initiatives with the mission of supporting customer investments. Activities include improving internal processes and engaging in conservation activities with support from customers.

Promoting Electronic Document Delivery

Following changes in electronic signatures law in 2002, Rakuten Securities launched a system enabling the electronic transfer of documents necessary for business transactions. Before 2002 all paperwork had to be delivered by post, and so the new electronic system enabled a dramatic decrease in paper consumption. This kind of electronic document delivery system has since become the standard in the securities industry, and Rakuten Securities continues to conduct promotional campaigns encouraging customers to take advantage of the system.

Rakuten Securities is also working with the MOTTAINAI Campaign* to promote electronic records systems and raise awareness of environmental issues. For example, during one campaign customers who signed up for the electronic delivery system were presented with Rakuten Securities points free of charge.

*MOTTAINAI Campaign: Mottainai is a Japanese word conveying a sense of regret concerning waste. When Kenyan Dr. Wangari Maathai, the first environmentalist to win the Nobel Peace Prize, visited Japan she was impressed by the term, and introduced the word mottainai as a slogan for environmental protection. Maathai is the honorary chairperson of the Mottainai Campaign, an NGO working to deliver world peace through environmental conservation.

Supporting Green Investments

Rakuten Securities offers customers opportunities to invest in activities that focus on companies and projects that are committed to the conservation of natural resources. The company provides information on financial products such bonds and investment trusts related to various forms of environmental protection.

One such green investment opportunity is a bond product for investment in CO2 emissions credits, the first such offering by a major securities company in Japan. The product is a principal protected, Australian dollar-denominated corporate bond linked to EU emissions credits and issued by Société Général. Other opportunities include bonds supporting natural energy development projects and Earth's Future Bonds issued by the European Investment Bank (two types, Brazilian real-denominated and South African rand-denominated). Additionally, Rakuten Securities currently provides a large number of environment-related issues of overseas exchange-traded funds (ETF) and investment trusts.

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