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  • Reforestation in Japan With Rakuten and You

  • Reforestation in Japan With Rakuten and You
  • Reforestation in Japan With Rakuten and You

What is Rakuten's Forest?

It all starts with Clutch.

When we discovered that the golden eagle (scientific name: Aquila chrysaetos japonica), on which the “Clutch” mascot of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles is modeled, was in danger of becoming extinct, Rakuten decided to launch the Project to Protect Clutch’s Golden Eagle Buddies in 2012 to raise awareness about the issue.

To maintain and expand this project, we launched the Rakuten’s Forest initiative in 2014, under which we are carrying out forest improvement efforts across Japan to foster a better habitat for all living things.

Rakuten's Forest Fundraising project (Japan)

Activities in each area

Details of Rakuten's Forest Activities

An Environment where All Living Creatures can Thrive

Raptors, including golden eagles, are located at the top of the ecosystem, so it is most susceptible to environmental changes. Forests that can inhabit raptors are a proof of its rich biological diversity and well-balanced ecosystem.

Rakuten’s Forest initiative was first initiated in the six prefectures of the Tohoku region where the golden eagle lives. Rakuten will aim to foster rich forests, where all plants and small animals can thrive, through period thinning of the trees that have become too dense due to lack of adequate care. This will allow sunlight to filter through to the forest floor.

  • Home of the Golden EagleHome of the Golden Eagle
  • Food chainFood chain
  • Breeding success of golden eaglesBreeding success of golden eagles

From northeast to the whole country

This initiative, being implemented in the six prefectures of Tohoku, not only aims to conserve  the golden eagle, but it has become a part of activities to restore the original functions of forests and preserve ecosystems, as well as to promote forestry. Rakuten’s Forest initiative will spread its activities throughout the country in response to the diverse range of issues faced by forests in different regions.

Various efforts will be made to address these issues, such as by carrying out periodic thinning of forests to preserve biodiversity,rejuvenating Satoyama areas (mixed forested and cultivated areas), and stimulating regional industries by making use of wood gathered from the thinning.

Rakuten's Forest Fundraising project (Japan)

From Japan to the rest of the world

Launched! Global Rakuten’s Forest Initiative

In line with the ”Rakuten’s Forest” in Japan, Rakuten is now expanding the initiative globally. We launched the Global Rakuten Forest in two countries with the highest deforestation rate in the world: Indonesia and Brazil.

We believe it is time to take action to help solving deforestation problem with Indonesian and Brazilian people, including Rakuten group company’s merchants and customers.

Rakuten's Forest in Brazil

Rakuten's Forest in Indonesia

Rakuten's Efforts

United Reforestation Efforts

Rakuten’s Forest is a united reforestation effort  carried out in collaboration with Rakuten’s partners, customers using Rakuten’s services, and various businesses of the Rakuten Group.

Illustration of Rakuten Reforestation Cycle

Rakuten's Forest Fundraising project (Japan)

Cooperation partners

We received support from Rakuten Ichiba merchants and Rakuten Travel accommodation facilities listed below.
The Rakuten’s Forest initiative partner sticker is displayed on their websites.

Cooperation partners past history

Cooperation by purchasing cardboard boxes

Customers can contribute to Rakuten’s Forest initiative by purchasing products on Rakuten Ichiba, and having them delivered in cardboard boxes with the Rakuten’s Forest logo printed on them. Many Rakuten Ichiba merchants are cooperating by purchasing these boxes.

Companies that purchased Rakuten's Forest Box

Merchants cooperating by purchasing cardboard boxes

Cooperation from customers

Remit a monetary donation by Rakuten Super Points or Credit Card Remit a monetary donation by EdyCollaboration: Japan Area Code TV Co.,Ltd. Remit a monetary donation by Bank※Account Information: Rakuten Bank Branch No. 252 (Daini Eigyo Branch) Savings Account No. 7174190
Account name: Rakuten Kabushiki Kaisha Rakuten no Mori Project

■ Individual Assistance for the Rakuten’s Forest Initiative
Please lend us your support for the reforestation in Japan.
  • ※ When remitting funds from another bank, you will be required to pay the remittance charges stipulated by the financial institution.
  • ※ Remittances made from the button link above are completely free of remittance charges.
  • ※ Remittance charges will be incurred when manually making a remittance from Rakuten Bank and entering a branch name and account number. See the list of charges page for more details.
  • ※ Receipts will not be issued for remittances. In addition, please note that these donations are not eligible for tax deductions.

Rakuten Energy

Using services to nurture the forest

1kW for forest
Rakuten Energy takes a 1kW portion of the electrical fee savings from each customer of its Service and uses it to support Rakuten's Forest activities.See more(Japanese)
The emblem of Rakuten Energy Forest
This sticker is displayed on customer's website.

Click here for details

"Forest Castanet" has just been produced

We made “Forest Castanet” which using thinning wood from Minakami, Gunma prefecture. We will present that to the customers of Rakuten Energy.
This castnet was made by Mr.Tomizawa , who had been making castanets for Japanese children for a long time.
Please enjoy its texture of natural wood and beautiful sound.

Thanks to the cooperation of AKAYA Project
AKAYA Project  http://www.nacsj.or.jp/akaya/

  • Castanet can be released from the stand.Castanet can be released from the stand.
  • Mr.Tomizawa and his wife in the factory.Mr.Tomizawa and his wife in the factory.
  • All is handmade.All is handmade.

Related Services

Power Management Service
■i sharing ServiceRakuten provides sharing economy service. For example, Rakuten negotiates with power companies, and power producers and suppliers (PPS) on behalf of its customers. It is therefore able to adjust for the best level of power supply and provide power at a lower cost.To detail
Rakuten Energy eco-tour
■Rakuten Energy eco-tourRakuten Energy offers promotional support services to contracted facilities. When customers use the eco-tour service for an extra special holiday, the number of inns that use the service, as well as their operations, grow, and that becomes a major source of support for Rakuten's Forest. To detail

Support from Rakuten Group’s businesses

  • Rakuten

    All envelopes across Rakuten Group will be made from paper consisting 50% of wood produced from the thinning activities, and a Rakuten’s Forest logo will be inscribed in each to raise awareness about the initiative.

  • Rakuten Hansoku Ichiba

    Cardboard boxes and tape with the Rakuten’s Forest logo are being sold with the proceeds from these sales donated to help fund the Rakuten’s Forest initiative. Please visit Rakuten Hansoku Ichiba
    for more details.

  • Rakuten Life Insurance
    Sponsorship of the Rakuten’s Forest initiative and use of the logo mark on printed materials such as envelopes to raise awareness. Click here to visit Rakuten Life Insurance.
  • O-net
    A portion of profits is donated to the Rakuten’s Forest initiative based on the number of marriages between members. Click here to visit O-net.
  • Rakuten 24
    Delivery of products in cardboard boxes with the Rakuten’s Forest initiative logo mark to raise awareness. Click here to visit Rakuten 24.
  • Rakuten Books
    Delivery of products in packaging with the Rakuten’s Forest initiative logo mark to raise awareness. Click here to visit Rakuten Books.
  • Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
    Announcements about the Rakuten’s Forest initiative are made at the Rakuten Kobo Miyagi Stadium and videos shown on the scoreboard display to raise awareness. Click here to visit Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.
  • Rakuten Card.
    Sponsorship of the Rakuten’s Forest initiative. Click here to visit Rakuten Card.
  • Rakuten Edy
    Use of the logo mark on printed materials such as envelopes to raise awareness. Click here to visit Rakuten Edy.
  • Rakuten Mart
    Use of the logo mark on printed catalogs to raise awareness. Click here to visit Rakuten Mart.
  • Please note that Rakuten Group company efforts were initiated at different times.

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