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New Future Working Toward a More Sustainable Future

We are responsible for creating the future. We, and the children who will inherit the consequences our actions. As a corporation, Rakuten is committed to a variety of initiatives helping us realize a brighter tomorrow.

An educational institution starts adoption of kobo e-reader
Digital eReaders were donated to provide new oppor tuni t ies to secondar y school students. With the kobo, the children are able to carry many more titles compared to paper books, and they also have the opportunity to interact with an advanced technological device.
Rakuten IT School
Employee volunteers visit schools around the country, providing students with practical, real-life experiences pertaining to the operation of an e-commerce site. Students and volunteers conduct collaborative projects, such as industry-academia partnerships and work experience programs, with the cooperation of Rakuten Ichiba shops.
Company Tour
At Rakuten we welcome student visitors to our offices with the aim of helping children imagine the way they will be in the future. In particular, we provide opportunities for children to imagine themselves in the workforce, centered on those schools that integrate the use of the Internet into their programs and foster an entrepreneurial spirit.
Rakuten Institute of Technology
In addition to its central role of creating new Internet technologies, the Rakuten Institute of Technology administers industry-academia projects developed jointly with universities. It also holds a symposium that provides opportunities for young researchers to announce their findings, the largest event of its kind in Japan. Furthermore, the institute actively conducts activities in support of academic associations and works to develop new joint industry-academia projects.
Pro Sports Activities
Pro Sports Activities: Rakuten is active in promoting sports, which provide entertainment and enrich our lives both physically and emotionally. We hope to spread the energy and entertainment provided by sporting events to even more people and contribute to a more exuberant society.
Employee Volunteer Activities in Disaster -Affected Areas
Rakuten lends its support to employee volunteer activities for two reasons. The first is so employees can view the effects of the disaster with their own eyes, understand the urgency of the situation, and help pass on information. The second is so employees can use their experience volunteering to discover new ways for the Rakuten Group to contribute to society through its main businesses.
  • Cooperation with NPOs and NGOs
  • Fostering the Next Generation of Leaders: Rakuten x TOMODACHI Initiative

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