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Eco Operation Managing Our Environmental Impact

During the summer of 2011 Rakuten achieved power savings of up to 42.6%. Now we enter the next stage of our energy-saving initiative.

During the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Rakuten went above and beyond the government appeal for a 15% reduction in power consumption, setting its power-saving target at 40% and doing everything possible to help alleviate the power shortage faced by Japan at large.

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Project60 and actions to cut power use (from the March 2011 disaster to the end of August)

Actions under the auspices of the Rakuten Smart Green Project

Although the 2011 public campaign to reduce energy consumption has ended, Rakuten is committed to the efficient use of energy in every aspect of the Group’s activities.

Reducing power consumption by 20%

Carrying on the 20% power savings achieved without government prompting

“Project60” has been succeeded by the Rakuten Smart Green Project, which aims to keep power consumption at 20% lower than pre-earthquake levels.

Leveraging the knowledge gained from our achievements with Project60, we are pursuing the most effective solutions to meet our goal.

Energy efficiencies for operational sustainability

Energy efficiencies for operational sustainability

Rakuten is an internet service company, and the internet requires electricity. Although we are looking toward a future shift to green energy, we consider limiting power consumption and maximizing energy efficiency now to be one of our most important social responsibilities.

In addition, some 100,000 businesses depend on Rakuten services. We see providing dependable access to our users as our social responsibility - giving us all the more reason to seek enhanced operational sustainability.

We are committed to using energy in a ways that support business operations, ensures a healthy working environment, and maintains productivity.

Visualization of Daily Power Consumption

Visualization of Daily Power Consumption

For Project60, we implemented an extensive “Visualization of Daily Power Consumption” plan in order to achieve the most effective results at the time and in the areas they were needed.

These daily graphs gave us a clear picture of our energy consumption and allowed us to efficiently carry out the latest power-saving measures.

Moving forward, we plan to use RSGP to collect more detailed data to improve the precision of analysis and forecasts, enabling us to implement even more effective power-saving measures.

Future Course of Action

  • Achieve 20% cut in power consumption compared to FY2010 Promote of electricity savings in all offices nationwide, as well as at partner facilities
  • Snowball effect through joint actions with business
  • stakeholders (partners and customers)

Rakuten Social Responsibility Project

Rakuten CSR is based on the concept of “Empowerment.” In addition to supporting reconstruction from Great East Japan Earthquake and tackling energy issues, we are harnessing the business platform of the Rakuten Group to make positive contributions to society.

Rakuten Social Responsibility Project

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