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Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund

Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund will deliver your support to people suffering from natural disaster and in need of humanitarian assistance. We also have expanded the support to help the education of young generations, and environmental considerations.

We accept donation by bank transfer "Rakuten Bank", electronic money "Rakuten Edy", "Rakuten Super Point", and by credit card.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Total amount of donations collected to date

(As of August 31, 2016)

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[Donation report] Taiwan Earthquake

Rakuten Group have conducted a Rakuten Clutch Fundraising for the victims of the major Taiwan earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2016, which caused extensive damage in the area. A total of 7,899,481yen, which has been collected from our customers, was handed to Tainan city government.

Mr. Chowa Chen, deputy representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, expressed his gratitude for great help from our customers. Rakuten Clutch Fundraising will keep on working on a variety of support, including disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. Thank you for your continuous support.

List of Past Donations

Cause Amount raised Recipient Donation Period  
Kumamoto Earthquake ¥136,126,948
Relief fund for Kumamoto,Ohita APR 15,2016-MAY 31,2016 View report
Ecuador Earthquake ¥1,151,080
The Government of Ecuador APR 22,2016-MAY31,2016 View report
Taiwan Earthquake ¥7,899,481
Tainan City FEB 7,2016-MAR 31,2016 View report
Typhoon No.18 heavy rain disaster ¥3,821,676
Relief fund for Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Miyagi  SEP 11,2015-NOV 30,2015 View report
Myanmar Floods ¥479,010
Save the children AUG 11,2015-SEP 30,2015 View report
Nepal Earthquake ¥8,149,922
Nepal Embassy APR 28,2015 - JUN 30, 2015 View report
Nagano earthquake ¥741,128
Nagano prefecture disaster countermeasures office DEC 11, 2014 - FEB 28, 2015 View report
Great East Japan Earthquake
(Disaster Relief fund)
¥668,475,056 Relief fund(Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, etc.) MAR 18, 2011 - SEP 30, 2011 View report
Great East Japan Earthquake
(Support for children)
¥65,315,082 Children fund(Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima)Rakuten Mirai no Tsubasa OCT 1, 2011 - JAN 31, 2015
Urgent fundraising for Ebola crisis ¥623,696
Medecins Sans Frontiers OCT 27, 2014 - NOV 30, 2014 View report
Hiroshima landslides ¥2,167,259 Hiroshima City 8.20 landslides disaster Fund AUG 26, 2014 - SEP 30, 2014 View report
Serbia floods ¥3,989,713 Serbian Embassy JUN 6, 2014 - JUL 31, 2014 View report
Typhoon Haiyan, Phillipines ¥6,220,915 Phillipines Embassy NOV 15, 2013 - MAR 3, 2014 View report
Typhoon No.18 (Kyoto) ¥130,860 Japanese Red Cross Kyoto OCT 9, 2013 - OCT 31, 2013 View report
Kyusyu floods ¥810,754 Kumamoto and Oita relief fund JUL 19, 2012-AUG 31, 2012 View report
Japanese Red Cross Fukuoka, Kumamoto and Oita
Turkey earthquake ¥2,236,962 Turkish Embassy, AMDA NPO OCT 28, 2011 - DEC 26, 2011 View report
Thailand Floods ¥8,677,637 Thai Red Cross OCT 14, 2011 - DEC 15, 2011 View report

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