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Service in Gifu Prefecture

Regarding the Travel Schedule for February 2015

We will be visiting Kasamatsu town in Febrary.
We are looking forward to seeing you! Schedule may change due to weather conditions.

Travel Schedule map of December
■February 2nd week
9th(Mon)10:00-11:30 Kasamatsu Child Day-care Center(①)
10th(Tue)13:30-14:30 Futaba kindergarten(②)

Our Activities 2015

【Past activity】Regarding the Travel Schedule for January 2015

We visited Ena city and in January.

Travel Schedule map of December
■January 3rd week
14th(Wed)10:30-11:30 Misato day-care center(①)
15th(Thu)10:30-11:30 Yamaoka day-care center(②)
16th(Fri)10:30-11:30 Kushihara day-care center(③)
■January 5th week
28th(Wed)10:30-11:30 Misato day-care center(①)
29th(Thu)10:30-11:30 Yamaoka day-care center(②)
30th(Fri)10:30-11:30 Kushihara day-care center(③)

Pick up! [Gifu Pref.]


Located in the center of Japan, Gifu prefecture is rich in nature and cultures, with over 3,000m mountains like Mt. Norikura, UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go and many hot springs.
Rakuten Mobile Library visit Kawabe-cho, Shirakawa Village, Hichiso-cho, Sakahogi-cho, Yaotsu-cho and Tajimi City…

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