April 5, 2017
  • Rakuten, Inc.
  • Japan Post Co., Ltd

Rakuten and Japan Post Strengthen Collaboration to Reduce Redeliveries in E-commerce Logistics.


Tokyo, April 5, 2017—Rakuten, Inc. and Japan Post Co., Ltd. will strengthen their collaboration in e-commerce logistics to reduce the redelivery of parcels by examining various measures to increase the efficiency of deliveries and pick-ups.

1. Background
The e-commerce market continues to grow at an accelerated pace with the continued evolution of the internet and the diversification of consumer needs as e-commerce has become one of the primary means of consumption in daily life.

Rakuten and Japan Post have already collaborated on picking up products purchased on Rakuten Ichiba with “HAKO POST” lockers for receiving Yu-Pack parcels and convenience stores and “Rakuten Box” delivery lockers. Both companies have continued trials and studies for further efficiency in e-commerce logistics and delivery.

However, the ratio of redeliveries to homes remains high and reducing this is a pressing issue in e-commerce logistics. Rakuten and Japan Post are working together on the following to address this issue.

2. Policies under consideration
Rakuten and Japan Post are studying the provision of and policies for a last mile delivery service that allows users of e-commerce services to have products delivered once with certainty, without worrying about missing a delivery.

Specifically, both companies are considering:
(1) Expanding parcel pick up locations (convenience stores, post offices, HAKO POST, and Rakuten Box)
(2) Implementing designated pick-up locations
(3) Expanding notification services
(4) Awarding Rakuten Super Points when parcels are picked up the first time

To promote these measures, Rakuten and Japan Post are working together to offer special delivery fees for purchases made with Rakuten Ichiba merchants.

Rakuten and Japan Post are striving to develop more convenient and robust e-commerce and improve the efficiency of e-commerce logistics.


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