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Why Rakuten?

  • Scope and Resources to Learn and Grow

    Ellie / Creative & Web Design
    Ellie was always interested in design. This desire led her to study architecture in the United States. Later, Eri switched her focus to communication technologies where she studied web design among other things.
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  • Putting Your Heart Into It

    Hwi / Rakuten Ichiba
    A third-generation Japanese-Korean, Hwi was born in Kobe, Japan. The experience though, of an one-month home-stay in New Zealand during high school set his eyes on the world.
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  • Unique Business Model

    Akira / Rakuten Ichiba
    Akira entered Rakuten in 2012 because he was attracted by the rapid global expansion of Rakuten. After joining the Rakuten Ichiba business, he discovered the key of the company's success lies within our unique E-commerce business model.
  • Diverse Company Culture

    Amanda / Creative & Web Design
    For Amanda, Rakuten is a place where she finds coexistence of both Japanese as well as international culture. As a foreign worker in a Japanese company, she feels that there is always opportunities for her to grow and learn new things.
  • Self Growth in Rakuten

    Toku / Rakuten Ichiba
    Toku's career in Rakuten has been one of the most perfect examples of success, with his outstanding performance as an E-commerce Consultant (ECC) ever since he joined as a new graduate employee. Here Toku shares moments of growth in his Rakuten journey.
  • Job Description

    Job Description
    Please see an overview of recruitment here
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  • Global Career Forum Schedule

    Global Career Forum Schedule
    We are now expanding our recruiting activities to cover the whole world. If you are looking at a career at a global company, please check the global schedule for our career forums.
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  • Rakuten Makes New History

    Rakuten History
    In 1997, six people founded Rakuten, sure that the Internet could change the world. They started by empowering people, and now we are ready to move onto the next stage -- the world. We can create new value around the world together.
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